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Street Fighter 6 announced

Capcom punches out first teaser.

Capcom has now made Street Fighter 6 official, and released its first teaser trailer.

Details are thin on the ground, including exactly where and when the game will see release. More news, Capcom has promised, will be revealed this summer.

Until then, you have little more than 30 seconds of teaser footage to pore over, with Luke squaring up against Ryu. If you like watching overly large muscles pop and toes flex, this is for you.

Cover image for YouTube videoStreet Fighter 6 - Teaser Trailer

And that's it until the summer, then - when we'll hopefully get answers to some of our burning questions. Will Street Fighter 6, like its predecessor, remain a PlayStation console exclusive? Does this teaser indeed show Street Fighter 6 running on RE Engine? And where does Luke get his hair done? For now, we'll have to wait and see.

As expected, Capcom's mysterious countdown timer revealed the trailer early this morning, coinciding with the season finale of Capcom's Street Fighter Pro tour. (Which means, yes, we're still waiting for Resident Evil 4 remake news.)

If you're unfamiliar with Luke, he arrived as DLC for Street Fighter 5 back in November last year. At the time, Capcom dubbed him "the future of Street Fighter" and a "major" part of the next Street Fighter game. Luke is an offense-heavy puncher from the USA, and has been likened to Jake Paul by many fans.