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Video: How does base building work in XCOM 2?

The Avenger disassembled.

XCOM feels more confident this time around. I kept thinking that as I quizzed Garth DeAngelis, the XCOM 2 Senior Producer over at Firaxis Games. We met briefly at last week's Gamescom to talk about the base building or 'strategic half' of their upcoming sequel, and boy, was there plenty to talk about.

A flying base that can move around the geoscape, named scientists and engineers that will join your ranks, a black market, experimental research and a hidden alien meta game! This interview is just full of detail and to me, this says that Firaxis know they've proven themselves with XCOM: Enemy Unknown and now they're ready to bump up the complexity just a little.

I should probably warn you that this video gets pretty nerdy, but I mean, just look at the title of the article itself. You clicked on that!

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