Punishing and precise, Firaxis has created one of the most demanding - and thrilling - strategy games ever.


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Full game is 40 per cent off on Steam this week.

XCOM 2 Alien Hunters DLC out next week

Extra extraterrestrials.

XCOM 2 gets its long-awaited performance patch

It's about time, Commander.

XCOM 2's first DLC pack arrives next week

Anarchy's Children adds over 100 new customisation options.

A single button press skips loading screens in XCOM 2

UPDATE: But it could crash the game, developer explains.

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Not yet, Commander.

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Impressions and video of Firaxis' switched-up sequel.

XCOM 2 likely won't launch with gamepad support

"When we talk about stuff, we only talk about PC."

XCOM 2 announced for PC this November

Firaxis introducing mod support and procedural levels, no word on console versions.