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XCOM 2 'retiring' multiplayer and challenge modes on Steam later this month

Mac, Linux, and consoles unaffected.

If you've been a regular dabbler in XCOM 2's multiplayer mode over the last six years (or have simply been meaning to get around to giving it a go at some point), you might like to know developer Firaxis will be pulling the plug on the acclaimed turn-based strategy sequel's multiplayer and challenge modes as of the end of this month on Steam.

That news comes via an announcement on the official XCOM Twitter feed earlier today, with Firaxis confirming XCOM 2's multiplayer and challenge modes will cease to function on the Steam version of the game as of 28th March this year. When that day comes, the developer will release an update permanently removing both features from the game.

"The decision to retire these services isn't something done lightly," the developer explained in its announcement, "but it does allow us to refocus our resources. We appreciate your support and thank you for your understanding."

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen - Launch Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Multiplayer has been part of XCOM 2 since its launch on PC in 2016, enabling two players to face-off against each other on randomly generated maps using custom squads built from a mix of humans and aliens. Challenge mode, meanwhile, was introduced as part of 2017's War of the Chosen expansion, serving up regular new objectives and giving players one attempt at securing leaderboard supremacy.

Firaxis notes today's announcement will not affect XCOM 2's multiplayer and challenge modes on Mac and Linux, and multiplayer will continue to be available for players on consoles.