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Humble Bundle launches game and book bundle to support Türkiye-Syria earthquake relief efforts

Includes Gotham Knights, XCOM 2, and more.

Humble Bundle has launched a new charity bundle in aid of Türkiye-Syria earthquake relief efforts.

All funds from the Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Relief Game and Book Bundle will go to supporting three charities in their ongoing efforts: Direct Relief, International Medical Corps, and Save the Children.

The bundle is available now until 8th March and features over $1000 worth of PC games, books and comics for just $30.

Gotham Knights, one of the bundle's featured games.Watch on YouTube

Those games include the likes of Gotham Knights, XCOM 2, Ghostrunner, Pathfinder: Kingmaker Enhanced Plus Edition, Payday 2, and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

In addition, 20 games from Turkish developers and creators are included.

For books and comics, the bundle includes Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples' Eisner Award-winning comic series Saga, the Starfinder digital core rulebook and Junker's Delight adventure from Paizo, among others.

The recent earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria are estimated to have impacted 23 million people, according to the World Health Organisation.

Direct Relief is focused on deploying emergency medicines and healthcare facilities throughout the area; IMC is providing numerous critical services; and Save the Children is committed to helping children affected by the crisis.

For more information and to purchase the bundle, visit the Humble Bundle blog.