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Resident Evil 2 remake pitched to Capcom by Resi HD producer

But don't get your hopes up...

The producer of this year's Resident Evil HD remaster has pitched a remake of Resident Evil 2 to the powers that be at Capcom.

The Japanese text beneath Biohazard 2 reads 'New Rebirth Project'.

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi revealed he had been working on a design document for the project ever since completing work on Resi HD.

In a Facebook post, Hirabayashi shared a photo of his proposal and said that he had presented it to his bosses at Capcom.

But it remains to be seen if the publisher will actually move ahead with the idea.

Resident Evil 2 has never been fully remastered, and a new version now would likely require a great deal of work.

Recent Resident Evil remasters have all dated from the GameCube console generation - such as the recent Resident Evil HD release (an airbrushed version of the GameCube Resident Evil remake) and Resident Evil 4's Ultimate HD edition.

The upcoming Resident Evil Zero re-release also dates from this time.

Revisiting Resident Evil 2 would be a more difficult proposition. Its graphics and gameplay date from the PlayStation 1 era, and would require substantial work to release even in the same state as the other remasters.

Nevertheless, Hirabayashi pitched the project:

"Hello RE fans! This is [Hirabayashi] again!" he wrote on the official Resident Evil Facebook page (thanks, Gematsu).

"Right after the RE HD Remaster project was finished, I actually started putting together my ideas for this 'RE2 Project'. So, I just brushed it up and went to see my boss to present the basic concept of the project already..."

Another issue for Capcom is the fact that a group of fans are already far into development of their own Resident Evil 2 remaster.

The Resident Evil 2: Reborn project has now become so high profile that Capcom last week asked the Resident Evil community to share its "honest and frank" opinions on how the company should treat it. See how it looks below.

Cover image for YouTube video
Resident Evil 2's fan remake in progress.