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Galak-Z is coming to mobile devices next year

"It will be a very different experience tailored for mobile play."

Space-based roguelike Galak-Z will be coming to mobile platforms in 2016 as Galak-Z: Variant Mobile.

Published by GungHo Online Entertainment America, this mobile version will follow pilot A-Tak through five seasons (the Galak-Z parlance for campaigns) as he tries to make his way back to earth to warn them of an impending alien invasion.

Galak-Z: Variant Mobile will be optimised for mobile devices with an updated UI and touchscreen controls.

"It's a separate game largely based on the console/PC title but it will be a very different experience tailored for mobile play," said developer 17-Bit's CEO Jake Kazdal in an email to Eurogamer.

"Galak-Z: Variant Mobile will have all the explosive high-level combat and skill-based action as the original, but tailored and optimised for the mobile player on the go."

Galak-Z was once planned for a Vita release, but 17-Bit cancelled that when it couldn't sort a way to make it run properly on Sony's handheld. "Unity on Vita along w/ our intense physics & AI make it a no go," the developer said at the time. It will be interesting to see how 17-Bit tackles Variant Mobile then.

In the meantime, Galak-Z is available on PS4 with a PC port due in a couple of months.

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Galak-Z: Variant Mobile

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