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Street Fighter 5 worldwide beta test begins midnight Friday

I will meditate and then destroy you.

Capcom will relaunch the Street Fighter 5 PlayStation 4 worldwide beta test at midnight this Friday, 28th August 2015. That's 12:00am BST, 29th August, just to be clear.

It continues for five days and ends at 3pm 2nd September.

"Outside of the servers being shut down for periodic maintenance, we expect everything to run continuously throughout the entire five day beta period," Capcom said, no doubt while knocking on all of the wood in the office.

Capcom recently held region-specific server stress tests. I found the European test stable enough, with only the occasional server disconnect, so hopefully this next beta goes smoothly.

"Although we want you all to experience the awesomeness that is Street Fighter 5 during this time, please note that this is a beta and users may run into connectivity issues," Capcom warned.

"This data is extremely helpful to us, as it will ensure that the final product will have the most optimal net code."

The beta includes playable characters Ryu, Chun-Li, Nash, M. Bison, Cammy and Birdie. Birdie is best, obviously.

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