February 2016 Archive

    1. Kingdom Come may be held back on PC for simultaneous console release
    2. Watch 30 minutes of the brand new Kingdom Come: Deliverance beta
    3. Dark Souls 3's promotional mobile game Slashy Souls is terrible
    4. Tearaway director's RPG Knights and Bikes cycling to PS4
    5. PlayStation TV has been phased out in Japan
    6. Uncharted 4 open beta this weekend
    7. Minecraft update 1.9 has completely changed combat
    8. Watch: The problem with video game asylums
    9. You'll need $3000 to pre-order a Microsoft HoloLens dev kit today
    10. Town of Light review
    11. Life is Strange developer shows off first Vampyr screenshots
    12. Far Cry Primal beats Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 in UK chart
    13. Shenmue 3 is already looking pretty awesome
    14. Probe Software founder Fergus McGovern passes away
    15. Introducing TinderBox: The arcade cabinet for indie games
    1. Game jam at the top of the world
    2. Watch: Just Cause 3 DLC Sky Fortress turns you into a human F-14
    3. Digital Foundry's guide to the best PC controllers
    1. Watch: Catching up with the Pokémon series
    2. How to upgrade your Dual Shock 4 - with Xbox One controller parts
    3. What can player profiling tell us about games?
    4. Valve fires Dota2 commentator, Gabe Newell calls him "an ass"
    5. The Suffering lead designer announces The Church in the Darkness
    6. Firewatch dev releases printable maps for co-op navigation
    1. Pokémon announcement lends weight to previous NX, Zelda reports
    2. UCLA School of Law uses trademarked Rock Band 4 images in promo
    3. The Conduit developer is making a CCG for Oculus Rift
    4. Sony has filed a patent for a glove controller
    5. Superhot dev teases "secretive" VR plans
    6. Shadwen's launch price will decrease if more people play the demo
    7. Samorost 3 release date set for March on PC and Mac
    8. In Play: There's a kind of diversity that games excel at
    9. The god who Peter Molyneux forgot wants his cut of a new game bundle to go to charity instead
    10. 10 days after launch, Street Fighter 5 online play is much improved
    11. Pokémon Sun and Moon will rise on 3DS this year
    12. Co-op chef game Overcooked hits Steam Greenlight
    13. Nintendo cuts yearly forecast, but still targets profit
    14. The best Zelda games: Eurogamer editors' choice
    15. Call of Cthulhu back from the dead
    16. Watch Superhot played super fast
    17. The Flame in the Flood review
    18. Ubisoft fights hostile takeover bid from Vivendi
    19. Performance Analysis: Firewatch
    20. Meet Factorio, the wonderfully complex game about designing factories
    21. Mario Bros. parkour video mixes free-running and CGI
    22. CoD: Black Ops 3 multiplayer is free to play this weekend on Steam
    23. This Dark Souls 3 guide comes with a real life estus flask
    1. Disgaea is out now on Steam, but...
    2. Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 coming to PS4 and Xbox One
    3. Necropolis delayed until summer on PC for simultaneous console release
    4. Star Wars Battlefront community suspects Greedo and Nien Nunb are new Hero/Villain
    5. The bumpy road of Spintires development
    6. Performance Analysis: Far Cry Primal
    7. Superhot review
    8. Pokémon Sun and Moon trademarks pop up a day before Nintendo Direct
    9. The best Zelda games: Readers' choice
    10. Take an hour-long look at Prison Architect's console version
    11. Rocket League gets Batmobile from Batman v Superman film
    12. 13 years ago I was held at gunpoint, kidnapped and shoved into the boot of my car
    13. Halo 5 Grifball has a betrayal problem - 343's on the case
    14. Disgraced senator who campaigned against violent video games jailed
    15. Alan Wake's Return trademark sets tongues wagging
    16. Black Desert Online is more than just a pretty face
    17. Halo 5's touching tribute to player who lost his teenager daughters in a house fire
    18. It looks like Naughty Dog used Assassin's Creed artwork for the new Uncharted 4 trailer
    19. Cancelled Star Wars Episode 7 game starred Luke's son
    20. Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack is getting a vinyl release
    21. Halo 5 to receive co-op survival mode Warzone Firefight this year
    1. Watch this latest Dark Souls 3 gameplay trailer
    2. PlayStation Plus' March Instant Game Collection includes Galak-Z, Broforce
    3. Assetto Corsa's console release pushed back
    4. Postal is getting a remake for PC, Mac and PS4
    5. Over 20 years later, Mortal Kombat's secret Ed Boon menus uncovered
    6. Uncharted 4 continues to look fantastic
    7. The Walking Dead: Michonne is neither dead nor alive
    8. Fire Emblem Fates is a smash hit - despite localisation controversy
    9. Fallout 4's new Survival difficulty sounds brilliant, doubles down on encumbrance
    10. Hitman open beta for PlayStation 4 next month
    11. The lights go out on Darkspore next month
    12. Performance Analysis: Hitman beta on PC
    13. Valve pumps even more money into Counter-Strike eSports
    14. Why people are talking about Half-Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3
    15. Gears of War Ultimate Edition's hefty 5GB update fixes the Boomshot
    16. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 review
    17. Dino Dini's new Kick Off looks like Kick Off should
    18. Xbox Games with Gold March line-up revealed
    19. Far Cry Primal day one patch adds extra hard Expert Mode
    20. Forecast calls for Risk of Rain on PS4 and Vita
    21. Pay what you want for Outlast, Never Alone and Retro City Rampage
    1. Mega Man Legacy Collection is out today on 3DS
    2. Far Cry Primal review
    3. Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch launches Fig campaign
    4. Talisman: The Horus Heresy out now on PC
    5. The Ship: Remasted launches on Steam
    6. Watch: The Division's loot is cool and boring all at once
    7. Insurgency: Sandstorm announced for PC and consoles
    8. Star Wars Battlefront patch adds film grain, new map, mission
    9. Xbox Live is down
    10. If you pre-order the new Doom on Xbox One, you get Doom 1 and Doom 2
    11. Yo-Kai Watch faces April release date
    12. Deathsmiles is coming to Steam next month
    1. Doom details King of the Hill-like mode Warpath
    2. Valve releases Portal-themed SteamVR Performance Test
    3. Bus Simulator 16 is a real game coming to Steam
    4. The Division beta sets record with 6.4m players
    5. PS Plus Vote to Play includes Broforce, Assault Android Cactus, Action Henk
    6. HTC Vive priced at $800
    7. Watch: Ian plays Far Cry Primal live at 3:30pm
    8. Carmageddon: Max Damage announced for PS4 and Xbox One
    9. Devil Daggers feels like Vlambeer made a Doom game
    10. Watch: Six lost levels you'll never get to play
    11. PES 2016's officially licensed Euro 2016 DLC only has 15 officially licensed teams
    12. Check out Halo's Arbiter in Killer Instinct
    1. Watch: Gunscape is Minecraft with guns
    2. Is it finally time to upgrade your Core i5 2500K?
    3. Reading and writing in Ice-Bound, an unmissable narrative game
    4. The remembrance of things parsed
    1. Watch: Let's play Street Fighter 4 and 5 simultaneously
    2. In Play: What would a game about death look like?
    3. Watch: Are fighting games losing popularity?
    4. Looking for Michael Bay: The Video Game
    1. Zero Escape to receive real-life Escape the Room game
    2. Watch yet another mind-blowing Super Mario Maker level conquered
    3. Smite confirmed for PS4 this year
    4. This GTA 5 hand-tracking mod sure is unsettling
    5. Californium review
    6. Watch a massive Elite: Dangerous fleet jump into hyperspace
    7. Street Fighter 5 online play back on its feet
    8. Watch: Picture perfect - how we use photography in games
    9. Nobody is sure what The Witness is about
    10. Iranian state TV accidentally airs Medal of Honor footage
    11. Hideo Kojima stars at DICE, chats about "edgy" new game
    12. Street Fighter 5 modders restore R.Mika's butt slap
    13. It sounds like Assassin's Creed won't come out every year any more
    14. Grab Grim Fandango Remastered for cheap in new Humble Bundle
    15. Firewatch PS4 patch 1.02 improves framerate and draw distance
    1. Face-Off: Rocket League
    2. Binary Domain, Condemned, and Streets of Rage 2 are free on Steam
    3. Tales from the Borderlands is getting a physical release
    4. République gets a PS4 release date
    5. Stylish platformer Pinstripe exceeded its Kickstarter goal in a day
    6. Paragon looks great, but there are already a couple of concerns
    7. Xbox One system update launches tomorrow
    8. PC version of Need for Speed out next month
    9. Just Cause 3's next DLC pack adds a fully-armed wingsuit
    10. Watch us play The Division open beta live
    11. Street Fighter 5 does not punish players who rage quit
    12. The new Master of Orion has an impressive voice cast
    13. Prospekt review
    14. Now there's a Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega handheld
    15. Street Fighter 5 review
    16. Face-Off: Street Fighter 5
    17. What's new in The Division open beta
    18. What you actually do in The Division
    19. Performance Analysis: The Division beta
    20. The Division has graphics settings we're not used to seeing on console
    21. Tech Analysis: The Division on PC
    22. OlliOlli2, Not a Hero get snazzy new editions for Xbox One
    23. Smite listed for PlayStation 4 release
    24. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is a breezy, brilliant shooter
    25. Disaster Report developer's next game features Ultraman
    1. Wadjet Eye's latest, Shardlight, gets a March release date
    2. Warren Spector joins System Shock 3 and Underworld Ascendent studio
    3. Watch: We play the Hitman beta, badly in some cases
    4. Fallout 4's Far Harbor expansion is based on a real place
    5. Selling loot boxes and the trouble with ranked play - Blizzard on Overwatch
    6. Vote: What's the best Zelda game?
    7. Layers of Fear review
    8. Tron Run/r stalled for Xbox One
    9. The Division open beta available for early download now
    10. Rodeo stops making new games after poor Warhammer 40k Deathwatch sales
    11. Nintendo Account sign-ups live, Miitomo pre-registration open
    12. Street Fighter 5 gets off to rocky start
    13. DriveClub's latest update is its most radical yet
    1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 releases multiplayer-only Starter Pack
    2. Performance Analysis: Street Fighter 5 on PS4
    3. Proposed Monument Valley Lego set looks nifty
    4. Chrono Trigger fans release five-disc tribute album for charity
    5. PlayStation VR due this autumn, says Gamestop CEO
    6. Elite Dangerous: Arena launches standalone, priced £5
    7. Fallout 4 DLC revealed, season pass price hike announced
    8. Here's your first look at Battlezone 98 Redux
    9. Country music's Shooter Jennings will premiere new album inside Shroud of the Avatar
    10. The Eurogamer Podcast
    11. Promising indie thriller The Town of Light headed to Xbox One
    12. Tips for playing Street Fighter 5
    13. KOTOR remade in Unreal Engine 4 looks like a dream come true
    14. Far Cry Primal trailer shows first-person mammoth gameplay
    15. Why you must run PC Street Fighter 5 at 60fps
    16. Fire Emblem Fates face-petting mini-game removed for Western launch
    17. Torment is unusual - and it will make unusual demands of you
    18. Watch: What's going on with Chun-Li's ridiculous boob physics?
    19. Mass Effect: Andromeda, Halo 4 writer joins Bungie
    20. Watch someone complete Dark Souls without getting hit
    1. Watch: Street Fighter 5's brilliance just about makes up for barebones launch
    2. You can now play Galaga on Xbox One
    3. No, Quantum Break won't launch on Steam
    4. Gravity Rush Remastered review
    5. Hitman: Go gets greenlight for Steam, PlayStation launch
    6. It looks like there's going to be a Knack 2
    7. Falcom vs the fans
    8. Watch the first six minutes of Telltale's The Walking Dead: Michonne mini-series
    9. Bungie admits Destiny Valentine's reward rate is too low
    10. Strange undertaking: the birth of gaming's first graveyard simulator
    1. Watch: Chris and Aoife play Layers of Fear on PS4
    2. Performance Analysis: Hitman beta on PS4
    3. Watch: Why Dirt Rally on console is worth the wait
    4. Inside Digital Foundry: How we analyse the PC gaming experience
    5. Remember when Dungeon Keeper was good?
    1. Digital Foundry vs Dying Light: The Following
    2. Alexis Kennedy on: Redemption
    1. A single button press skips loading screens in XCOM 2
    2. The Witness 100 per cent speedrun world record includes 56 minute wait
    3. Firewatch players snap amazing in-game photos
    4. In Play: Going stir crazy in Darkest Dungeon
    5. Guitar Hero Live failed to do the business, too
    6. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime review
    7. Face-Off: Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
    8. What Street Fighter 5 will - and won't - have at launch
    9. Not everyone's thrilled with Microsoft's Quantum Break PC announcement
    10. Destiny sequel due in 2017, "large expansion" this year
    11. No new Assassin's Creed this year, Ubisoft confirms
    12. Dying Light Spotlight Edition costs $10m
    13. FNaF World is out again, for free this time
    14. Kanye West is making a game about his mom going to heaven
    1. Fallout 4 will receive a proper Survival Mode
    2. Intel Skylake: Core i3 6100 review
    3. Next Watch Dogs game coming in the next 13 months
    4. Fallout 4 patch 1.03 improves console graphics quality
    5. Watch us live-drive the zombie hills of Dying Light: The Following
    6. Quantum Break is coming to PC, too
    7. IS Defense is the next game from the people who made Hatred
    8. EGX 2016 tickets go on sale
    9. Somebody made Generic FPS: The Movie and it is stupid and amazing
    10. Guilty Gear Xrd - Revelator hits Europe just three days after US
    11. The Hitman beta goes live tomorrow
    12. How do our gaming habits change as we grow up?
    13. Looking for an alternative space sim? Meet Evochron Legacy
    14. Titanfall 2 due this year, according to McFarlane Toys
    15. Lumo release date set for April on PC, Mac and Linux
    1. Descent creators launch Kickstarter for spiritual successor Overload
    2. "Nuclear family" management game Sheltered confirmed for PS4
    3. Firewatch dev assures a PS4 framerate fix is on the way
    4. The Flame in the Flood hits Steam and Xbox One shores this month
    5. The Walking Dead: Michonne premieres in two weeks
    6. Dick heads up: Californium is coming to Steam next week
    7. Watch: Overcooked is a chaotic game about cooking with your friends
    8. Why Nintendo fans are excited about a just-revealed Pokémon
    9. Big DriveClub update adds "hardcore handling"
    10. Frozen Synapse 2 is on the way
    11. Gigantic in trouble as developer suffers big layoffs
    12. Sega's working with Sony to make a Sonic movie
    13. Intel Skylake: Core i5 6500 review
    14. The new Hitman looks like the Blood Money follow-up you've been waiting for
    15. Destiny's Valentine's Day event isn't worth setting a date for
    16. Intel moves to shut down locked Skylake CPU overclocking
    17. Watch: What are XCOM 2's Advent soldiers really saying?
    18. Street Fighter 5's first DLC character, Alex, live in March
    19. Execs resign at Rock Band 4 co-publisher Mad Catz on eve of financial results
    20. $12,000 castles and $2100 deeds - inside Shroud of the Avatar's booming housing market
    21. Watch: Overwatch's progression system detailed
    22. Screencheat sneaks onto consoles next month
    23. Rocket League scores on Xbox One next week
    1. Hitman's PC system requirements revealed
    2. Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter release date set for May
    3. Veteran BioWare writer David Gaider seems to have a new job
    4. Locked Intel CPUs can be unofficially overclocked
    5. The Division open beta dates, details
    6. Fallout 4's new patch fixes game-breaking glitch
    7. Nintendo postpones plans for sleep sensor launch
    8. Watch: Ian ties himself in knots playing Unravel
    9. Dying Light: The Following review
    10. Two new Lumines games will launch this year
    11. Klaus on PS4 is too good to overlook
    12. Amazon launches free game engine Lumberyard
    13. Cookie Clicker v2.0 released, global productivity nosedives
    14. Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Yakuza 6
    15. Firewatch on Steam lets you buy physical copies of in-game photos
    1. Behold this functional real-life version of Bloodborne's Saw Cleaver
    2. Someone made a working calculator in Super Mario Maker
    3. Night in the Woods now on track for an autumn release
    4. Yes indeed, this Dark Souls 3 intro highlights the Lords of Cinder
    5. Firewatch review
    6. Three console generations in one game: Twilight Princess HD
    7. Watch: Ian plays Firewatch - spoiler free
    8. Unravel review
    9. Hitman beta arrives on PS4 a week before PC
    10. Development halted on troubled $660k Kickstarter success Unsung Story
    11. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon on Wii U Virtual Console this week
    12. Watch: Nine minutes of Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia gameplay
    13. How Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens expands the film's story
    14. Titanfall 2 will have a story campaign "where science meets magic" - report
    1. Watch: The totally trustworthy characters who definitely won't betray us
    2. A brief history of one of gaming's greatest studios
    3. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - Portable perfection
    4. The Binding of Isaac rejected by Apple due to violence towards children
    1. Watch: What makes a game indie?
    2. Reality check: what SteamVR gaming actually offers
    3. Face-Off: Gravity Rush Remastered on PS4
    4. Dear Charlie: A letter to my son about video games
    5. Steam launches its first Lunar New Year Sale
    1. Starbreeze announces asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight
    2. H1Z1: King of the Kill spin-off coming to consoles this summer
    3. New Doom campaign footage revealed on Conan O'Brien
    4. The Fallout fan made to destroy his records for a refund
    5. Cities: Skylines will add snow and trams
    6. In Play: After a miserable January, games are here to help
    7. Rainbow Six Siege players plagued by post-patch Shadowman bug
    8. Watch: DarkMaus is delightfully tricky
    9. A developer from Derby wants to rekindle the WW2 shooter
    10. In Play: Why getting stuck in The Witness is good for you
    11. BMX legend Dave Mirra dies, aged just 41
    12. Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Homefront: The Revolution
    13. Runner2 dashes to PS4 this month with free DLC
    14. The Division trailer outlines its skill system in under three minutes
    1. DayZ forums hacked: usernames, emails and passwords compromised
    2. Cartoon Network launches its first original video game series
    3. The new Doom comes out in May
    4. Modders recreate The Last of Us in GTA5
    5. Mirror's Edge Catalyst closed beta registration now live
    6. Watch six minutes of new Dark Souls 3 footage
    7. Uncharted 4 PS4 gets a Drakeover
    8. Watch: Grip is fun, but needs some work
    9. Everything that's changed in Zelda: Twilight Princess HD
    10. Watch: 35 minutes of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD in action
    11. 22cans pulls controversial Godus Wars microtransaction after player outcry
    12. Not a Hero review
    13. Eurogamer readership survey 2016
    14. Cobalt review
    15. Xenonauts 2 confirmed and “hopefully” out in 2017
    16. The Division graphics mod is already making the game look better
    17. Mother 3 will finally get Western release - report
    18. Batman: Arkham Knight Mac and Linux canned
    1. Overwatch closed beta returns next week
    2. Watch: The Division banter comparison - E3 vs real life
    3. "It was tempting to retire…"
    4. Watch: Martin and Ian play Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Black Ice
    5. From the publisher of American Truck Simulator, here's Eastern bloc road trip game Jalopy
    6. Forge expert recreates Star Wars podrace in Halo 5
    7. Dust 514 will shut down in May
    8. Peter Molyneux returns to Godus with RTS update
    9. Bizarre XCOM promotion stars Fred Dinenage from How 2
    10. How one Counter-Strike player tricked over 3000 cheaters into getting banned
    11. Nintendo announces sign-up for first mobile app Miitomo
    12. Hearthstone shake-up set to remove older cards for new Standard mode
    13. American Truck Simulator review
    14. The Westport Independent review
    15. Rainbow Moon shines on PS4 this month
    16. Console versions of Gone Home come out in Europe next week
    17. Grip, the Rollcage spiritual successor, hits Steam
    18. Need for Speed: Most Wanted is free on Origin
    19. The Witness has already shifted "substantially more than 100k" copies
    1. Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty is coming to Wii U next week
    2. Ubisoft Humble Bundle offers deep discounts on The Crew, AC: Rogue
    3. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is coming to Steam next month
    4. The Division on Xbox One uses dynamic resolution scaling
    5. Ant Simulator developer accuses partners of stealing money for booze, strippers
    6. Rainbow Six: Siege's first new map lands today
    7. People are already speedrunning The Witness
    8. Peek at the cancelled Batman The Dark Knight game
    9. Codex is a "card-time strategy" game inspired by Warcraft and StarCraft
    10. The Eurogamer Podcast
    11. The Division isn't another Destiny - for better and worse
    12. Watch: Ian play American Truck Simulator at 3:30pm
    13. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens reveal leaked, due in June
    14. Lovely-looking Knights and Bikes channels The Goonies and Earthbound
    15. What's different about Dirt Rally on console? Thankfully, not much
    16. This is why people love the developer of Shadowrun: Hong Kong
    17. Splatoon sells 4m copies, bought by a third of all Wii U owners
    18. The Division beta PC players are giving themselves godlike powers
    19. The internet reacts to The Fine Brothers' "react" trademark - and it's not happy
    20. Black Desert Online out next month
    21. Take-Two sued over portrayal of player tattoos in NBA 2K16
    1. Ubisoft reveals Assassin's Creed: Identity, a mobile action-RPG
    2. Superhot out on PC this month, Xbox One next month
    3. Looks like The Division will get an open beta this month
    4. Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo review
    5. Does The Witness make you feel sick?
    6. Ark: Survival Evolved patch looks to improve frame-rate on Xbox One
    7. Halo's Arbiter coming to Killer Instinct
    8. Star Citizen is free to play this week
    9. Smash Bros. Wii U, 3DS DLC concludes this week with Bayonetta, Corrin
    10. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak review
    11. New Final Fantasy 15 gameplay reminds us of Metal Gear Solid
    12. Forza 6's Porsche pack revealed in Amazon leak
    13. The Division beta rolls on for another night
    14. Need for Speed update addresses one of the game's biggest problems