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The Talos Principle leaked for Xbox One via ESRB listing

UPDATE: Devolver says it has "no specific plans as of now".

UPDATE 18/08/2015 3.41am: The Talos Principle publisher Devolver Digital offered the following statement to Eurogamer regarding this ESRB rating:

"No specific plans as of now but since we had to do a full ESRB rating for a the PS4 retail release we submitted for XB1 as well in case we do decide to release the game on the platform."

ORIGINAL STORY 18/08/2015 1.39am: The Talos Principle looks like it will be coming to Xbox One, according to a listing by US ratings board ESRB.

Croteam's acclaimed first-person puzzler launched late last year for PC, Mac and Linux while an Android version followed earlier this year.

A PS4 port of The Talos Principle is coming on 13th October and will include the game's Road to Gehenna expansion.

Eurogamer contributor Stace Harmon recommended The Talos Principle upon its release. "Despite playing a robot that interacts with computer terminals and takes instruction from a disembodied voice in the sky, it exudes personality and charm; its mechanical precision complementing its aesthetic qualities," he said in his review. "For an experience bereft of human contact it boasts a very big heart indeed."

But don't take it from us; take it from Radiohead guitarist and There Will be Blood composer Jonny Greenwood, who cited The Talos Prinicple as his favourite game.

We've requested confirmation from Croteam and publisher Devovler Digital on an Xbox One port and will update should we hear back.

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