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Video: Watch us play The Talos Principle from 4pm GMT

Britain's got Talos.

You may well know developer Croteam for its outrageous, pretty bloody awesome Serious Sam games - they are, after all, pretty much all the studio has worked on since 2001. The Talos Principle is a bit of a surprise, then - a cerebral, philosophical first-person puzzle game, written by the chap who also penned FTL and The Swapper. It's a little bit of a departure.

The Talos Principle is coming out on PC later this week - it's due out on PS4 early next year, too - and Ian Higton will be streaming it right here from 4pm GMT today (and we will have a review for you a little later this week).

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The Talos Principle

Android, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac

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