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Grand Theft Auto 5 visuals polished up via PC mod

Looking Vine.

Grand Theft Auto 5 modder Toddyftw has shown off a shiny new graphics mod for the game's PC version.

Screenshots and a brief video of the mod were posted on Reddit in a thread titled "I made a REAL photorealistic graphics mod today. Call it Toddyhancer."

It's not quite photorealistic, but it polishes up the streets of Rockstar's Los Santos to a seriously-impressive shine.

Toddyhancer brings to mind the iCEnhancer mod for GTA4. A version of that is also in development for GTA5.

While still not available to download, Toddyftw stated that he could get the mod running at 50fps. It's worth noting that the video below is only 10fps as it was recorded from a laptop:

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