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May 2022 Archive

    1. Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki unveils Space-Harrier-like shooter Air Twister
    2. PlayStation Plus has 3.2m UK subscribers, wide-ranging Ofcom study reveals
    3. Little Big Adventure 1 & 2 get cloud saves, controller support, achievements and more in new update
    4. Summer Game Fest reveals devs and publishers taking part in June showcase
    5. Looks like Assassin's Creed Origins gets 60fps PS5, Xbox Series X/S update soon
    6. Sonic Frontiers gets first gameplay teaser trailer
    7. Assassin's Creed Origins and Chorus coming to Xbox Game Pass in June
    8. Fortnite fuel cell locations, how to equip backpack and collect fuel cells near Command Cavern
    9. eFootball's Master League will be paid content available in 2023
    10. Fortnite emergency beacon locations and where to activate an emergency beacon at Titled Towers and Coney Crossroads
    11. Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed releases this August on PC, PlayStation, Xbox
    12. We'll see more of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet tomorrow
    13. Monument Valley series is coming to PC in July
    14. Euro Truck Simulator 2 "Heart of Russia" expansion cancelled
    15. That lovely-looking Ni No Kuni MMO is full of cryptocurrency woes
    16. Pikipek 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Pikipek in Pokémon Go
    17. Tekken 7 comes to Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown in latest crossover
    18. Long-lost Kirby GameCube platformer sighted
    19. France bans official use of anglicised gamer words
    20. Enhanced Edition of Raji: An Ancient Epic adds ray-tracing and Hindi voiceover
    21. Genshin Impact Xiao Banner character and weapon drop rates, 4 Stars characters, Xiao Banner end date
    22. Nintendo says patch for 'game breaking' Kirby 64 bug due "early next week"
    23. Genshin Impact Yelan Banner character and weapon drop rates, 4 Stars characters, Yelan Banner end date
    24. Lootbox laws reportedly block Diablo Immortal launches
    25. Drainus review - the most spectacular side-scrolling shooter since Gradius 5
    1. The latest Star Wars novel makes a Final Fantasy 10 sport canon
    2. This £47 Midnight Black PS5 controller deal is still in stock at Amazon
    3. PlayStation's Days of Play sale is now live - including Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart for £35
    4. DF Direct Weekly: Will new consoles arrive in 2024 and is the next Xbox a streaming stick?
    5. Fan made Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild mod makes Revali's Gale look like a gentle breeze
    6. SoulCalibur 2 HD was recently delisted on Xbox
    7. How to enable Fortnite 2FA and get the Boogie Down emote
    8. Nintendo's Banjo-Kazooie threequel imagined in fan made trailer
    9. Nintendo shutting its Pokémon Diamond and Pearl sound library
    10. Xbox Snap feature unlikely to ever return
    11. The Pokémon Company has had a record financial year
    12. Lego Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order BD-1 making its way to a galaxy very, very close
    13. Gareth Damian Martin on making indie hit Citizen Sleeper and what's next
    1. Modern Warfare 2 artwork hints that Call of Duty may be coming back to Steam
    2. Hitman 3's PC ray tracing upgrade is beautiful - but comes with a big cost
    3. Screenshots from that cancelled Marvel MMO are now online
    4. Dataminer hints that this character may be on the way to Evil Dead: The Game
    5. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords comes to Switch next month
    6. Embracer establishes the Embracer Games Archive to "save as much of the games industry as possible"
    7. Gotham Knights will reportedly release without Russian voicework or subtitles
    8. PUBG developer Krafton sends a PI to a dataminer's home
    9. How Shredder's Revenge continues the side-scrolling beat 'em up revival
    1. Arenas mode comes to New World
    2. Two new ghosts are on the way to Phasmophobia
    3. Sega has a "new project" to share with us next week
    4. Diablo Immortal release time in UK, CEST, EDT, PDT and how to pre-load
    5. Activision Blizzard shareholders urged not to re-elect board members following "inexcusable passivity"
    6. Diablo Immortal shares its "roadmap to hell"
    7. The expressive power of virtual hands
    1. Fallen Order sequel Star Wars Jedi: Survivor officially announced for 2023
    2. Sony's new PlayStation Plus classic games emulators simply aren't good enough
    3. FromSoftware "currently in the process" of getting Dark Souls PC back online
    4. Jurassic World Evolution 2's new DLC adds dinos, campaign based on latest movie
    5. PlayStation State of Play set for 2nd June
    6. Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 estimated release date and Collision live event release time
    7. Pokémon Go details new season, unveils first new character in two years
    8. Test out Mario Strikers: Battle League Football's online battles in new demo
    9. The Video Game City Week: the Horseback Statue in Disco Elysium is a reminder of protest
    10. Yoshida admits recent balance changes to Final Fantasy 14 PvP were wrong
    11. Obi-Wan Kenobi is now in Fortnite, although you can't use his lightsaber
    12. Nintendo adds three more classic games to its Switch Online SNES and NES apps, including Congo's Caper
    13. Sony's Gran Turismo live-action adaptation will be a movie
    14. Plague Inc creator admits profiting from the pandemic was "awkward"
    15. Microsoft decides to "pivot away" from Xbox Game Pass streaming box, for now
    16. Microsoft execs called out for verbal abuse and sexual harassment in new report
    17. Here's a fresh look at Dragon Quest Treasures
    18. Mafia 3 studio hit by fresh layoffs
    19. Steam Deck update makes remote play together "completely functional"
    20. Nintendo Switch Sports originally had players as robots that looked like burgers and bears
    21. Gotham Knights developer responds to Barbara Gordon criticism
    22. Team Fortress 2 community bands together for "peaceful protest" to #SaveTF2
    23. What we've been playing
    24. Dead Space creator's The Callisto Protocol has ditched ties with PUBG universe
    1. Goodfellas and GTA: Vice City star Ray Liotta has died
    2. Minecraft's long-awaited The Wild Update gets June release date
    3. Get Cities: Skylines and almost all its DLC for £16 in latest Humble charity bundle
    4. CD Projekt says "bulk of our development capacity" now focused on Cyberpunk 2077 expansion
    5. Gotham Knights developers explain Nightwing glider, Red Hood mystic leap designs
    6. BioShock: The Collection is this week's free mystery game on Epic Games Store
    7. Elden Ring's world design had a boss-first approach
    8. Dead by Daylight devs reveal Jurassic World mobile game
    9. Reggie Fils-Aimé believes games industry "woefully behind" in embracing diversity
    10. Elden Ring player defeats every boss in one hit
    11. Fortnite IO Outpost locations and where to emote on top of an IO Outpost
    12. Fortnite's next one-time-only live event detailed, returning bear mech spotted
    13. The Quarry online multiplayer delayed until July
    14. Amazon announces Prime Gaming line-up for June
    15. The Video Game City Week: Shenmue's harbour is everything that makes the game so special
    16. EA acknowledges lack of public statement over threat to US abortion rights
    17. Party Animals is still set for release this year
    18. Looks like PS5 exclusive Returnal is headed to PC
    19. Microsoft's Psychonauts 2 is now available on Apple Macs
    20. Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix project in development
    21. Resistance: Retribution looks set for PlayStation Plus
    22. Belarusian-based Sad Cat Studio delays upcoming game due to Russia's war in Ukraine
    23. Sony set to release two live service games before the end of this fiscal year
    24. PlayStation expects nearly 50% of game launches to be PC and mobile by 2025
    25. Sony admits PlayStation Plus members who stacked new subscriptions were being made to pay difference
    26. PlayStation VR2 will have over 20 games at launch
    27. Sony says PS5 stock shortages will stabilise, and sales return to PS4-era momentum by 2024
    28. Gran Turismo 7 gets its most modern racer yet as World Series kicks off
    29. The Video Game City Week: Coffee Talk and Necrobarista combine to create the perfect coffee shop
    1. For The King's tabletop-inspired RPG adventuring is returning for a sequel
    2. Flight Simulator's free Top Gun expansion is out now, and here's what included
    3. Halo Infinite's head of design Jerry Hook leaves 343 Industries
    4. Dune: Spice Wars' early access roadmap teases multiplayer, spaceports, more
    5. Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 has now passed 1m sales
    6. Moonlighter coming to Netflix mobile game library next week
    7. PlayStation's Days of Play 2022 sale is now on for PS4 and PS5
    8. Does the original Xbox One still have what it takes to run modern cross-gen games?
    9. Pokémon Go getting official companion app with messaging, meetup organisation
    10. How to get the Eaglestrike and Rakshasa armor cores in Halo Infinite
    11. No Man's Sky finally gets its space whales in new time-looping expedition
    12. The Video Game City Week: Rapture got the monsters it deserved
    13. Halo Infinite Fracture Entrenched event rewards, Land Grab challenges, and Entrenched dates
    14. Streets of Rage 4 available now for Android and iOS
    15. Spec Ops: The Line developer confirms June launch for The Cycle: Frontier
    16. Dream Daddy dev's next game is an 80s psychological horror
    17. Starfield has been reimagined by a fan in Unreal Engine 5, and it's out of this world
    18. Twitch could soon add clips of bad behaviour to streamer bans
    19. Sniper Elite 5 review – Rebellion's stealth action series finds the sweet spot
    20. Marvel MMORPG from DC Universe Online developer Daybreak Games cancelled
    21. Activision Blizzard employees form anti-discrimination committee for worker rights
    22. Pokémon Go Alola to Alola research steps, best Choose Path choice, rewards and Collection Challenge
    23. Celebrate with big savings on games in Green Man Gaming's Birthday Sale
    24. Dino Crisis image spotted on PS Plus in Asia
    25. PS5 DualSense controllers are on sale for £45 at Amazon
    26. New PlayStation Plus demos are different lengths depending on game
    27. The Video Game City Week: on the vivid authenticity of Midgar's slums
    28. Real-life Polish Witcher School closes amid political concerns as licence is pulled by CD Projekt Red
    1. Pokémon-like MMO Temtem leaves early access this September
    2. The Sims 4's long-awaited customisable pronouns feature is finally here
    3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 gets October release date
    4. Fortnite Control Panel locations, how to cut power to Control Panels inside Command Cavern
    5. Hazard Zone to be deprioritised as Battlefield 2042 lays the way for its first season
    6. Assassin's Creed Valhalla update adds new building to your settlement
    7. Automatic log out removed from Final Fantasy 14 in latest patch
    8. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player discovers new detail in game's final memory
    9. Where to find thermal weapon in Fortnite and Huntmaster Saber location
    10. Fortnite Doomsday Control Key locations, where to find Doomsday Control Keys from high security IO locations
    11. New mod turns Elden Ring into a seamless co-op game
    12. Jetstream Sam meme appears to have given Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance a boost
    13. Humble's Spring Sale ends at 6pm this evening
    14. Fortnite Loudspeaker locations and where to patch The Imagined into a loudspeaker in Sanctuary
    15. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum releases this September
    16. Pokémon Go confirms arrival of Ultra Beasts
    17. Eurogamer launches summer 2022 paid work experience programme for ethnic minorities
    18. OlliOlli World's Void Riders expansion puts an extraterrestrial twist on one of 2022's finest
    19. The Video Game City: Jet Set Radio Future's Skyscraper District offers a bright urban night
    20. Xbox store leaks Destroy All Humans! standalone multiplayer DLC
    21. GTA publisher Take-Two completes $12.7bn takeover of Farmville developer Zynga
    22. Capcom launches Dragon's Dogma anniversary website
    23. TikTok testing launch of in-app gaming
    24. Babylon's Fall second season extended as future of game re-evaluated
    25. Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman reveal their one Monkey Island regret
    26. Lost Ark Destroyer best build, engraving, skills and rotation
    27. The internet is far too horny for Elden Ring's wolfman Blaidd
    28. The Legend of Zelda Game & Watch is under £30 at Currys
    29. PlayStation Plus launches in Asia, though fans say its catalogue has far fewer games than expected
    30. PS Plus is using PAL versions of first-party PS1 games
    31. The Video Game City Week: Yakuza's arcades are clean, oddly studious, and a delight
    32. Season Two's updates can't stop Halo Infinite feeling like an incomplete slog
    1. Seel 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Seel in Pokémon Go
    2. Sea of Thieves' latest Adventure sees players picking sides to permanently change its map
    3. QA testers at Activision Blizzard studio Raven Software win vote to unionise
    4. More PS1 games get trophy support as part of revamped PlayStation Plus
    5. PlayStation gender discrimination lawsuit re-emerges in revised form
    6. Pac-Man now has a theme song to celebrate his 42nd anniversary
    7. DF Direct Weekly on The Last of Us PS5 remake, Hitman 3 RT and Starfield's delay
    8. Neve Campbell joins the cast of the Twisted Metal TV show
    9. New Palworld trailer shows more of its jarring Pokémon-with-guns gameplay
    10. At one point, Final Fantasy 15 was going to be made by Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy developer
    11. Today is the last day you can add funds to your 3DS and Wii U using a credit card
    12. The Video Game City Week: Shenmue 3's Hotel Niaowu is a cosy place to spend your time
    13. Final Fantasy 9 animated series will reportedly be shown this week
    14. More games seemingly revealed for PlayStation's new look subscription service
    15. Tropical adventure Tchia delayed into 2023
    16. Horizon Forbidden West is back at the top of the UK physical charts
    17. Pac-Man is coming to Fortnite
    18. PS Plus will reportedly have PS1 CRT filter and other visual options
    19. Introducing the Video Game City Week
    20. Are MultiVersus and the new Evil Dead game any good?
    1. Gloomhaven is finally coming to consoles
    2. The DioField Chronicle has been rated by ESRB
    3. GSC Game World resumes Stalker 2 development
    4. A new "game-breaking bug" is frustrating Lost Ark players
    5. Ravenholm just got a whole lot scarier thanks to this new Half-Life 2 VR mod
    6. Grasshopper Manufacture hopes to reveal "truly cool and all-new games" later this year
    7. Half a million of us have signed up to bash zombies in Evil Dead: The Game
    8. Few games obsessed me like SSX Tricky
    1. Assassin's Creed Origins and For Honor: Marching Fire Edition will join Xbox Game Pass next month
    2. EA is reportedly pursuing acquisition and merger options with "a number of potential suitors"
    3. You'll soon be able to play Final Fantasy 14 on Steam Deck
    4. Kojima publicly responds to Norman Reedus' claims Death Stranding 2 is in development
    5. Eve Online is now playable in your web browser
    6. Halo Infinite's Season 2 patch fixes long-standing animation bugs, adds new graphics modes
    7. A "game-breaking" bug is plaguing Switch Online's Kirby 64
    8. 500,000 people have already tried vampire survival game V Rising
    9. PUBG's 17.2 update is now live - here's what's changed
    10. Pokémon Go A Rocky Road research quest steps explained
    11. Can the fundamental trouble with esports ever be properly solved?
    12. Shiny Alolan Geodude, evolution chart, 100% perfect IV stats and Alolan Golem best moveset in Pokémon Go
    13. In praise of screensavers
    1. Sci-fi strategy game Stellaris is free to play this weekend on Steam
    2. Anti-grav racing sequel Redout 2 has been delayed into June
    3. Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto shares thoughts on divisive TV adaptation
    4. Get £10 off games when you spend £15 or more at the Ubisoft store
    5. Get a £100 gift card when you buy the LG C1 4K TV at John Lewis
    6. Norman Reedus seemingly confirms Death Stranding sequel in development
    7. Ugly Sonic is, terrifyingly, in Disney’s new Chip 'n Dale film
    8. Revisiting PS3 classic Motorstorm - the driving celebration that should never have ended
    9. Twitch slowly improving accessibility of its streaming platform
    10. Genshin Impact's Version 2.7 update coming this month, introduces new characters
    11. Nintendo Switch OLED consoles and bundles are 10 percent off at Very
    12. Embracer sees "great potential" in its Tomb Raider acquisition, including remakes
    13. Square Enix files strange trademarks for Final Fantasy 7, Final Bar Line, and Labyrinth Striker
    14. Borderlands creator Gearbox has nine AAA games in development
    15. Star Trek: Prodigy gets a video game in October
    16. Xbox now has a sign language Twitch channel
    17. Pokémon Go Candy, how to get Candy easily and how Rare Candy works
    18. Warner Bros. is doing what Ninten-won't at Evo 2022
    19. eFootball 2022 finally gets its mobile version in June
    20. PlayStation classic Syphon Filter will have trophies on PS Plus
    21. What we've been playing
    1. Sea of Thieves is calling all clue hunters as its first narrative Mystery goes live
    2. The Sims 4 still teasing werewolves as two new Kit DLCs announced
    3. Marvel Snap is the all-new card battler from ex-Blizzard Hearthstone boss Ben Brode
    4. System of a Down's Serj Tankian contributing music to Metal: Hellsinger
    5. Will we subscribe to PlayStation Plus Premium?
    6. Warner Bros.' MultiVersus feels like a blend of Super Smash Bros. and IP law
    7. Metroid Dread is now just £30 at Currys
    8. Chatting Castlevania in the inaugural Eurogamer Game Club
    9. Saber Interactive joins development of Star Wars KOTOR remake
    10. Dad attempts class-action lawsuit after daughter spends $300 on Hearthstone packs without permission
    11. The Witcher 3's PS5 and Xbox Series X/S update to release later this year
    12. Borderlands 3 available free in Epic Store Mega Sale
    13. The PC Gaming Show returns next month
    14. Get the 55-inch LG C1 OLED for £899, nearly 50% off its UK RRP
    15. Certain Affinity CEO shares message of staff support regarding Roe v Wade
    16. Get Switch storage for less with these SanDisk Extreme Pro microSD card discounts
    17. Babylon's Fall support continues from Square Enix, despite nobody playing it
    18. Modern Warfare 2 leaks are already out in the wild
    19. EA to cut customer support staff in US, Ireland
    20. Sony lists accessibility features for God of War Ragnarok
    21. The first episode of the new Pokémon Legends Arceus YouTube anime is here
    22. Ukraine-based Frogwares given grant by Epic Games, will be used to relocate employees
    23. Visit post-apocalyptic London with this Fallout 4 mod
    24. God of War and The Simpsons collide in hilarious new mod
    25. Warzone players find XP glitch in King Kong's testicles
    26. Bungie says it will bolster efforts "to maintain safe and anti-racist community spaces"
    27. Sony releases first PS5 bundle with Horizon Forbidden West
    28. Battlefield 2042's 128-player Breakthrough has been removed
    29. Pokémon Home transferring guide, how to transfer from Pokémon Go, Legends Arceus, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl explained
    30. New York attorney general announces Twitch, Discord investigation
    31. Gibbon: Beyond the Trees tells a story about deforestation in a really clever way
    32. Agatha Christie was a great games master
    1. Creaks developer unveils "hand-crafted" dystopian adventure Phonopolis
    2. Naughty Dog's much-rumoured The Last of Us remake reportedly launching this year
    3. Thunderful has three unannounced SteamWorld games in the works alongside Headhunter
    4. There's a new site in the family! Introducing Popverse
    5. Ubisoft's free-to-play team-based skater Roller Champions is launching next week
    6. PS5 bundles with Horizon Forbidden West are available at Argos
    7. Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown delayed to 2023, PS4 and Xbox One versions cancelled
    8. Spelunky 2 free trial available next week for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers
    9. Historical fantasy RPG GreedFall is getting a sequel on PC and consoles
    10. Pokémon Home version 2.0 compatible games, free vs premium features and price explained
    11. Trek to Yomi: stunning aesthetics but performance falls short
    12. Sony accelerates net zero carbon and energy initiatives by 10 years
    13. Play as a burly, sexy lumberjack in this forestry sim
    14. Saints Row developers discuss the game's reveal backlash, and bringing fans back to the series
    15. Saints Row looks colourful and amusingly chaotic, but lacks some polish
    16. Final Fantasy 7 news to come in June, says Tetsuya Nomura
    17. Minecraft now has an Angry Birds expansion
    18. Get an Xbox Series X with 3 months of Game Pass for just £464 at Currys
    19. PlayStation classic Shatter is getting remastered, coming late 2022
    20. Horror game The Chant drops PS4, Xbox One versions for October launch
    21. Apex Legends Mobile Unleash Punishment event rewards, dates, and how to get Fade Chips explained
    22. Final Fantasy 11 not shutting down, despite rumours
    23. Stranger of Paradise hair issue finally fixed two months after release
    24. Indie developer thinks Disney likely ripped off Doctor Strange fight scene from their game
    25. Evil Dead: The Game understands Evil Dead: The Movies better than I expected
    26. The Mario series isn't diverse enough, according to Activision Blizzard's new tool
    27. Saudi Arabia buys 5% of Nintendo
    28. Capcom reports another year of record profits, as sales of Resident Evil Village pass 6m
    29. Bloober refuses to comment on Silent Hill 2 rumours
    30. Here are the esoteric delights amidst Sony's new PlayStation Plus
    1. There's a fan-made N64 demake of Portal in the works
    2. Bungie says "there will never be a 'muzzle' big enough to stop us from standing up for what's right"
    3. Mutant Year Zero dev unveils tactical RPG Miasma Chronicles, out next year
    4. Dead by Daylight's next chapter has been revealed
    5. The Dead by Daylight dating sim is real
    6. Bohemia Interactive teases Arma 4, launches Cold War military shooter Arma Reforger
    7. Flight Simulator gives Italy and Malta the makeover treatment in latest World Update
    8. How to get Fade in Apex Legends Mobile, Fade abilities explained
    9. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is £34.99 at Currys
    10. Fortnite teases return of its fan-favourite bear robot, as year's first live event nears
    11. DDR5 vs DDR4: Which RAM is best for gaming and content creation?
    12. PlayStation 5 covers will soon come in pink, purple, and blue
    13. Pokémon Unite Espeon build, best items and moveset
    14. Fortnite Sideways weapon locations: How to get and upgrade the Sideways Minigun and Sideways Rifle explained
    15. Techland working on open world fantasy action RPG
    16. Fortnite Old IO servers locations and how to download personnel files from the old IO servers
    17. The Wholesome Direct will return in June
    18. Jurassic World Evolution 2 leads latest Xbox Game Pass lineup
    19. Amazon acknowledges Lost Ark bot "frustration", despite "several million" bot account bans
    20. Songs of Conquest might be better than Heroes of Might and Magic
    21. The new PlayStation Plus still feels like a missed opportunity
    22. Take-Two says it's "heard the frustration" from Red Dead Online fans who feel abandoned
    23. Introducing Eurogamer's new look guides team
    24. Soundfall review - monotone gameplay lacks dynamic range
    25. Final Fantasy 15 hits 10m sales after more than five years
    26. New Sonic Origins footage shows off drop dash and Hidden Palace Zone
    27. Take-Two praises FIFA brand following EA split
    28. Pokémon Go Gym Badges explained, how to get Bronze, Silver and Gold Gym Badges
    29. Pokémon Home version 2.0 adds Arceus and BDSP support
    30. Make a custom keyboard for less with the Royal Kludge sales on Amazon
    31. Scavengers console versions scrapped, as developer Midwinter sold
    32. Warner Bros. crossover fighter Multiversus' ridiculous new trailer confirms July open beta
    33. Off Topic: This year's UK Eurovision entry really reminded me of one of the weird classics of sci-fi
    1. Magikarp 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Magikarp in Pokémon Go
    2. Fall Guys goes free-to-play in June alongside Switch and Xbox release
    3. Kerbal Space Program 2 has been delayed yet again
    4. Netflix showing off new Cyberpunk 2077 animated series during June's Geeked Week
    5. Sony reportedly "will not approve any statements" from PlayStation studios on reproductive rights
    6. The Xbox Series S is under £100 when you trade-in your old console at Game
    7. DF Direct Weekly talks Nintendo's next-gen challenges and the big Xbox gaming outage
    8. Microsoft reportedly making Xbox dynamic background editor
    9. Ubisoft+ Classics is a cut-down subscription for PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium
    10. Salt and Sacrifice's "obligation to price match" sees prices rocket in some countries
    11. Sony details dozens of games coming to revamped PlayStation Plus catalogue
    12. Here's how Horizon Zero Dawn would look as a PS1 classic
    13. The Kingston SSD interview: PCIe 5.0, DirectStorage and more
    14. Salt and Sacrifice review - the FromSoft challenge without the Souls
    15. Robocop is now available in Fortnite
    16. Apex Legends Mobile release time in UK, CEST, EDT, PDT and all other time zones
    17. Xbox celebrates Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
    18. Alan Wake developer Remedy provides update on five projects in pipeline
    19. MultiVersus closed alpha release time, how to sign up, and recommended settings
    20. Elden Ring mod lets you team up with bosses as companions
    21. Pokémon Go Battery saver mode explained, other ways to save battery
    22. Silent Hill 2 remake rumoured to be in the works at Bloober
    23. A surprise Starfield delay and FIFA isn't FIFA any more
    24. Twitch, Discord issue statements following Buffalo mass shooting
    25. Activision Blizzard staff criticise company's "dystopian" diversity tool
    1. Marvel's Midnight Suns may be releasing soon
    2. Gears of War may be getting a "Master Chief Collection-type treatment" remastered collection
    3. This Elden Ring player survey reveals our favourite weapons, spirit ashes, areas, and bosses
    4. Here's your chance to tell Atlus you'd like Persona to come to Xbox
    5. This mind-blowing mod finally brings true VR to the PC ports of Resident Evil 7 and Village
    6. Final Fantasy 14's housing lottery system will be up and running again soon
    7. Shadow of Mordor brought hilarity to Middle-earth
    1. Fortnite Shield Bubble locations and how to use them
    2. Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition's Knights of the Mediterranean DLC gets a release date
    3. "Get ready" for more The Callisto Protocol news next week
    4. Details about unannounced military shooter Arma Reforger have leaked online
    5. Square Enix reveals its plans to establish new studios and acquire others
    6. Reggie Fils-Aimé thinks Nintendo is "playing with ideas" that could bring F-Zero back to life
    7. Stardew Valley has now sold over 20 million copies
    8. Starfield's delayed, but here are some great games that might scratch the itch
    1. American Truck Simulator's massive California overhaul continues in latest update
    2. Fortnite Funding Station locations and how to use Funding Stations
    3. Acclaimed anti-grav racer Redout is currently free on the Epic Games Store
    4. AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution 2.0: the new Radeon upscaler is genuinely impressive
    5. Game grading company Wata accused of manipulating retro game market in new lawsuit
    6. Save 15% when you pre-order Mario Strikers: Battle League Football at Currys
    7. Pokémon Go server status, failed to login and other error workarounds
    8. Genshin Impact dev reveals new game Zenless Zone Zero with debut trailer
    9. Sonic remains Sega's biggest franchise
    10. Pokémon Go Berries, Pinap Berry, Silver Razz Berry, Golden Razz Berry, Razz Berry, Nanab Berry and how to use them explained
    11. Fortnite adding Unreal Engine 5 Editor later this year
    12. Save $600 dollars on a prebuilt PC from Newegg with a 3070 Ti, 12th gen i7 and free Samsung monitor
    13. And here's half an hour of Starship Troopers: Terran Command
    14. Here's half an hour of Stargate: Timekeepers gameplay
    15. Cortana just watched Master Chief have sex
    16. Nintendo contractor concerns "troubling", Doug Bowser says
    17. Top 10 gaming companies made $126bn revenue last year
    18. Get a free £25 Microsoft gift card when you buy this Xbox Series S Bundle
    19. Fallen Order sequel reportedly called Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
    20. PlayStation boss sparks anger over staff email asking to "respect differences of opinion" on abortion rights
    21. Square Enix revenue kept afloat thanks to Final Fantasy 14
    22. Xbox must "work to better meet expectations" following Starfield, Redfall delays, Phil Spencer says
    23. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is the next N64 game to hit the Switch
    24. Until Starfield and Redfall's delay I guess I didn't fully understand Game Pass
    25. Funcom releases art for its next-gen multiplayer open-world survival Dune game
    26. Looks like Silent Hill concept art has leaked
    27. Here's every free game offer with AMD and Intel hardware in the UK and US
    28. What we've been playing
    29. Pokémon Go Electrify the Sky make up event, Air Adventures field research tasks
    1. Alan Wake TV series rights snapped up by The Walking Dead network AMC
    2. Ubisoft's China-exclusive Rabbids game Adventure Party getting global release
    3. EA's Dead Space remake gets January 2023 release date
    4. Alan Wake Remastered is getting a native release on Switch this autumn
    5. What's next for EA Sports FC and FIFA?
    6. How to make Curveball throws, get Nice, Great and Excellent throws in Pokémon Go
    7. Pokémon Go Daily Bonus rewards for streaks, first catch and Pokéstop of each day
    8. Netflix releases two new trailers for its live-action Resident Evil series
    9. Fortnite Sapling locations and where to plant saplings at Bomb Crater Clusters
    10. Deathloop finally adds accessibility features
    11. How to call in an Air Strike on a tank in Fortnite
    12. Here's our best look yet at Mario Strikers Battle League
    13. Dying Light 2 story DLC delayed
    14. Twitter made a game to help you better understand its privacy policy
    15. Two Point Campus will include a spy school
    16. Has Rockstar finally fixed GTA Definitive Edition?
    17. Valve to face antitrust litigation over Steam
    18. Whatever EA Sports FC is, it must be better than FIFA
    19. A Slipknot and Smite crossover is launching next week
    20. League of Legends developer suing Mobile Legends for copyright
    21. Ni No Kuni mobile MMO out globally this month
    22. Starfield and Redfall delayed to 2023
    23. Smash Bros-like Lego Brawls coming to consoles
    24. EA merges Criterion and Codemasters Cheshire to work on Need For Speed
    25. Dragon Age contractors now won't be ordered back to office
    26. Doom creator John Romero is releasing a memoir
    27. Final Fantasy 14 players sent to in-game jail for using mods
    28. Konami just had its most profitable year ever
    29. More people played Assassin's Creed Valhalla last year than the year it launched
    30. Project Aurora is Call of Duty's new mobile battle royale
    31. Latest Steam Deck update adds game-specific performance settings
    32. The Sims 4 Frog Fanatic scenario guide, from catching to breeding frogs
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    34. Warzone Godzilla vs Kong event rewards, bundles and skins in Operation Monarch
    35. Get Razer gaming accessories for half price with this Razer Power Up Bundle from Currys
    36. You can play Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion in an afternoon and you should
    1. Footage of Tencent-developed Need for Speed Mobile seemingly leaks online
    2. Ubisoft reiterates it will consider all acquisition offers but has "everything we need to remain independent"
    3. Ubisoft confirms Avatar, Mario Rabbids and Skull and Bones will launch this financial year
    4. Animal fans rejoice, The Last of Us Part 2's zebra is invincible
    5. CCL has the lowest price around for the 2TB Crucial MX500 SSD right now
    6. Apex Legends Mobile gets global launch next week
    7. DF Retro on Nintendo's motion-controlled Sports series - from 2006 to today
    8. We Are OFK will arrive this summer, promising pop music, flirting, and LGBT+ representation
    9. Mini Motorways bringing its minimalist road-building strategy to Switch today
    10. All the big announcements from Nintendo Indie World
    11. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator wobbles onto Nintendo Switch this summer
    12. Ooblets will release in full this summer
    13. Wildfrost is a card-battling roguelike out this winter for Switch, PC
    14. EA reveals future Sports FC ideas, some of which helped fuel FIFA split
    15. Watch the Nintendo Indie World showcase here
    16. Apex Legends passes impressive $2bn milestone
    17. No, BioWare hasn't teased a return for Shepard in the next Mass Effect
    18. Warzone best UGR loadout, class setup, and how to unlock the UGR
    19. Xbox Series X consoles remain in stock at Amazon
    20. Star Wars is taking over Elden Ring
    21. Watch Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her beat that tricky boss for the 1000th time
    22. EA lists four unannounced games including "major IP" to launch before April 2023
    23. Ubisoft expands executive committee to "accelerate its transformation"
    24. PlayStation AAA game quality would "deteriorate" if included in subscription at launch, Sony says
    25. EA rethinking Battlefield development process "from the ground up"
    26. Elden Ring has now sold 13.4m copies since launch
    27. Green Man Gaming's VR Sale has games for less than £1
    28. From outsourcing to storytelling: the emergence of Indonesian indies
    29. PS5 bundles have landed at ShopTo
    30. Get an MSI gaming laptop with an RTX 3070 and Core i7 CPU for £979
    1. FIFA insists "the only authentic, real game that has the FIFA name will be the best one available"
    2. Grounded's latest update adds faction reactivity and horde-style bug invasions
    3. Microsoft unveils new accessibility focused adaptive accessories range
    4. Where to find an energy fluctuation location near Loot Lake using the Sensor Backpack in Fortnite
    5. After almost 30 years, EA is officially ditching the FIFA brand
    6. These top Logitech headsets are on sale at Amazon
    7. WWE 2K20 and 2K19 servers shutting down
    8. Turns out Metal Gear Solid 5's nuclear disarmament was rigged all along
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    13. Nintendo Indie World showcase time in UK / BST, CEST, EST and PST
    14. AMD Radeon RX 6750 XT review: faster, but not fast enough
    15. The Division 2 getting first new season in almost two years
    16. Elden Ring player hides in a bush for three hours to thwart a rune farmer
    17. Gotham Knights PS4, Xbox One versions cancelled
    18. Tickets are now on sale for this year's EGX London
    19. New Gotham Knights reveal debuts Nightwing and Red Hood gameplay
    20. New Spider-Man: Miles Morales statue is a chunky beaut, but will set you back more than a few bob
    21. Fortnite cheater forced to pay up after Epic lawsuit
    22. This train station tech demo from a solo Unreal Engine 5 developer is incredible
    23. Nintendo lays out 2022 game release schedule
    24. Final Fantasy 14 director doesn't think the Metaverse is "entertainment"
    25. New VR tech simulates the feeling of spiders crawling over your lips
    26. Metroid Dread now looks to be series' best-selling game
    27. Microsoft's dodgy DRM comes into the limelight, and no-one's smiling
    28. First trailer released for League of Legends esports mockumentary, Players
    29. Nintendo Switch console sales down 20%, component shortages blamed
    30. Activision Blizzard sent anti-union emails ahead of pivotal Raven Software vote
    31. Square Enix cracks down on Final Fantasy 14 mods, as director promises to enhance HUD
    32. Pokémon Go Tapu Fini counters, weakness and moveset explained
    33. Pokémon Go A Poni Adventure quest steps and rewards explained
    34. Sony misses PS5 sales target, as stock struggles continue
    35. Microsoft Flight Simulator's delayed Top Gun expansion finally has a release date
    1. Ocean Software co-founder David Ward has died
    2. Maid of Sker's co-op horror FPS spin-off gets new details and gameplay trailer
    3. Dead Space remake getting art-focused airing in dev livestream this Thursday
    4. Summer Games Done Quick 2022 reveals full charity speedrun schedule
    5. E3 2001 iteration of Duke Nukem Forever has leaked
    6. Xbox criticised after outages leave games inaccessible
    7. This MSI Ventus RTX 3080 12GB graphics card is $810 at Newegg, after $480 discount
    8. Dead by Daylight anniversary content leaks early
    9. Nintendo's lack of Mother 3 localisation was business decision, Reggie Fils-Aimé insists
    10. Codemasters’ F1 series faces the same balancing act as the sport
    11. DF Direct Weekly on Halo Infinite S2 fixes, Square Enix's IP sale, and Tink4K
    12. Final Fantasy 16 devs worked on a cancelled IP very similar to Bloodborne
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    14. Dark Souls PC servers have been offline for over 100 days
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    17. Genshin Impact developer teases next project Zenless Zone Zero
    18. EA announces The Lord of the Rings game Heroes of Middle-earth
    19. Apex Legends Season 13 release time: Everything coming in Saviors explained
    20. Chinese government prevents children from tipping streamers, or streaming themselves
    21. Resident Evil Re:Verse resurfaces
    22. Call of Duty Mobile reaches 650m downloads
    23. New York Times decides to pull Wordle answer due to "major recent news event"
    24. Left 4 Dead almost didn't have zombies
    25. Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters players frustrated with Twitch drops
    26. Gay League of Legends player criticises esports industry for lack of inclusion
    27. WWE signs deal for new wrestling RPG
    28. It's the inaugural Eurogamer Weekly!
    29. Rune Factory 5 aims to strike 'an amazing balance between the farming simulator and RPG aspects of the game'
    1. Microsoft will reportedly launch a cloud streaming device in the next year
    2. Steam Deck evolves: 40Hz-60Hz display support, VRS and improved acoustics tested
    3. "Return to Monkey Island may not be the art style you wanted but it's the art style I wanted," says Ron Gilbert
    4. Double Fine issues statement in response to the US Supreme Court's plans to overturn Roe vs Wade
    5. Exploring Elden Ring in first-person VR is a R.E.A.L. game changer
    6. It looks like Gotham Knights will feature four player co-op
    7. Babylon's Fall's concurrent PC player count fell to just one this week
    8. Lost Ark's first Legion Raid drops later this month
    9. Zelda's smallest adventure is the series' biggest hidden gem
    1. Pocky and Rocky Reshrined: the Digital Foundry tech review
    1. Nvidia fined $5.5m for downplaying importance of "volatile" cryptomining on sales of gaming GPUs
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    22. Blizzard hires new vice president of culture amid ongoing company controversies
    23. What we've been playing
    24. Halo Infinite Interference event challenges, rewards, and Interference dates
    1. Warframe's annual TennoCon fan event returns this July in digital-only form
    2. Animal-splicing tycoon game Let's Build a Zoo is getting dinosaur DLC
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    24. Resident Evil, The Last of Us and God of War given a comic book makeover by Rockstar Games artist
    25. Neill Blomkamp-backed Gunzilla Games announces next project
    26. Ubisoft founding family likely to oppose full takeover, report suggests
    27. Mafia 3's Hangar 13 studio head is stepping down after seven years
    28. There's a Final Fantasy 14 version of Heardle
    29. Here's an hour of footage from Ravenholm: Arkane's cancelled Half-Life game
    30. Streaming numbers are down in a post-lockdown world
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    1. Microsoft is giving away 12 custom Xbox Series S to celebrate Star Wars Day
    2. New lawsuit alleges Activision CEO rushed through Microsoft acquisition to escape liability for wrongdoing
    3. Sims 4 seemingly teases the return of werewolves in latest content roadmap
    4. BioShock High School musical wins show choir competition
    5. Genshin Impact has reportedly raked in over $3bn since its release
    6. Chernobylite ray tracing analysis: gorgeous on PC, but what about PS5?
    7. Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga adds Mandalorian and Bad Batch characters
    8. Steam success Save Room is Resident Evil 4's inventory Tetris as a whole game
    9. "Game Boy Micro was a nonstarter," Reggie Fils-Aimé warned Nintendo
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    19. We're making some improvements to the Eurogamer Supporter program
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    22. Remembering Crystal Dynamics' original Tomb Raider trilogy
    23. Reggie Fils-Aimé distances himself from Nintendo contract worker reports
    24. Hitman 3 game director joins Crytek to lead Crysis 4 development
    25. Bungie issues statement in support of Roe v Wade, as US Supreme Court tries to overthrow it
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    1. Activision urges shareholders to vote against proposed annual harassment and discrimination report
    2. Ubisoft's troubled Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remake has switched developer
    3. Anti-grav racing sequel Redout 2 launches later this month
    4. Blizzard's new Warcraft mobile game is free-to-play "tower offence" Arclight Rumble
    5. The 55-inch LG C1 OLED TV has hit a low price on Amazon UK
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    15. Global chip shortage will continue into 2024, says Intel boss
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    24. Tomb Raider studio will continue Perfect Dark work despite being sold by Square Enix
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    6. The original Forza was briefly available to buy online yesterday
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    8. Narrative-driven game festival, LudoNarraCon, is back next week
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