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Resistance: Retribution looks set for PlayStation Plus

Rating spotted in Korea.

A PS4 and PS5 rating for Resistance: Retribution has been spotted in Korea, suggesting it will likely be added to Sony's PS Plus subscription.

Resistance: Retribution was Bend Studio's third-person PSP prequel to the Resistance series. As Gematsu writes, The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea have rated the game for current consoles.

PSP games will be available to Premium subscribers, though only a couple have been officially announced so far: Super Stardust Portable and Ridge Racer 2 (in Asia).

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The Resistance series came to prominence on PS3 with three titles. The first was a launch game for the console.

Resistance: Retribution received an 8/10 in our review, describing the single player as "effortlessly fun and incredibly polished".

However, only Resistance 3 has been officially listed as part of the PS Plus catalogue. With Resistance: Retribution, could all four games be coming to the subscription?

A "select" number of PSP games will receive save anywhere and rewind functionality.

PS Plus is currently available in Asia, with a Japanese release next week (2nd June) followed by North and South America (13th June), and Europe, Australia, and New Zealand (23rd June).

Check out our PS Plus guide for the full list of announced games.

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