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Sony's first day TGS trailer roundup

Horses, clothes, detectives, cats.

Sony has unleashed its first batch of Tokyo Game Show trailers. And we thought we'd round them up for you.

New footage for PSP headline acts Patapon 2 (two trailers) and Resistance: Retribution leads the charge, but those are games we know about, so let's move on.

On to Derby Time Online, a PS3 horse racing game that has little lifestyle jockeys with big heads, a bit like those Xbox 360 Avatars. We didn't understand most of the text in the trailer, but one word we did understand was "bet".

Or there's Dress, a PSN game where you clothe avatars in real-word fashion brands. The sponsorship even goes as far as themed platform levels.

Supposedly, this has nothing to do with PS Home, and we see little point in bothering if that's the case. Then again we don't wear clothes.

Sony also had a couple of Japan Studio-developed detective games for PSP to show: Diamond and the Sound of a Gunshot, and Enkaku. Both are drawn in a cartoon anime style and are heavily story-based.

All that's left is Mainichi. This looks to be some sort of news channel featuring Neku the Japanese PlayStation cat. Looks rubbish, and will probably never appear here anyway.