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Acclaimed anti-grav racer Redout is currently free on the Epic Games Store

Alongside Prey and Jotun: Valhalla Edition.

If this week's two previously announced Epic Games Store freebies somehow aren't enough to be getting on with, Epic has also, rather unexpectedly, thrown in a third offering - taking the form of developer 34BigThings' blisteringly fast, wonderfully stylish anti-grav racer Redout.

Redout initially launched all the way back in 2016, immediately dazzling with its gorgeous, high-speed racing, and did well enough that it was followed up by no less than five expansions, introducing a host of new courses to sate those smitten with its core action.

The free Epic Store version doesn't include all those post-launch goodies, but it does deliver 11 event types across 25 tracks and five locations, alongside a robust career mode, extensive customisation, and online multiplayer for up to 12 racers. Which, to be honest, should be more than enough to keep you amused if this is your first time in Redout's world.

Cover image for YouTube videoRedout | Gamescom 2016 Launch Trailer HD
Redout - Launch Trailer.

"34BigThings has thought long and hard about what it is that makes the genre tick, and has doubled down on the speed and style of the greats," said Eurogamer's Martin Robison in 2016. "There have been other games that have recalled the spirit of the great WipEout since Studio Liverpool's sad demise, but Redout does it so very well it's currently one of the very best."

Redout goes free on the Epic Games Store mere weeks before the arrival of its flashy looking sequel. Redout 2 comes to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC on 26th May, promising 36 new tracks (as well as mirror variants of each), "hundreds" of new events across career and multiplayer modes, plus a whole lot more.

But if racing isn't your thing, there are alternatives; as previously announced, Prey and Jotun are currently free on the Epic Games Store alongside Redout, and will remain so until 19th May.