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Fortnite joins Xbox Cloud Gaming, giving iPhone users another way to play

No subscription necessary.

Fortnite has today joined Xbox Cloud Gaming, making it the first free-to-play game to do so.

This means the ever-popular Epic battle royale will be available to stream via the service on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, plus PCs - all via web browser.

As with any Xbox Cloud Gaming title, you'll need an Xbox account to log-in - but you won't need membership to any subscription, such as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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Starting today, Fortnite will be available to stream via from your PC or phone web browser. It's a handy option for those with lower-spec PCs, or who can't get the game officially on mobile phones.

Fortnite was, of course, famously kicked from Apple's iPhone and iPad App Stores after Epic Games implemented its own in-game payment system - circumventing the 33 percent cut Apple normally takes from purchases on its platform. There's no sign it will return via the App Store any time soon.

Earlier this year, Fortnite returned to iPhone via another in-browser streaming method: Nvidia GeForce Now.

"This is just the beginning for us – we're going to learn, implement feedback, and in time look to bring even more free-to-play titles to players through the cloud," Xbox Cloud Gaming boss Catherine Gluckstein wrote today. What's next?

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