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Two new ghosts are on the way to Phasmophobia

And one will stalk us "into exhaustion".

Change is afoot for Phasmophobia fans, and two new ghosts are on the way.

Development Preview #3 - now live for your reading pleasure on Steam, where the game is still available as an early access title - reveals what's coming up in the next few weeks and months for the ghostbusting party game.

First up, two more ghost types are joining the spooky menagerie. The names on the reveal image have been intentionally smudged to keep us in suspense, but one says Morai or Morcai - maybe? - and the other, if you squint a bit, looks like Decogen. Or something beginning with D, anyway.

Nothing else is known about the former right now, but the latter - which can be detected with your trusty spirit box, ghost writing, and D.O.T.S. projector - has been "eluding ghost hunters for years" and reportedly "stalk[s players] into exhaustion". Apparently we can "run but [we] can't hide". Yikes.

Both new arrivals will be scaring us silly in the next minor update, v0.6.2.

We're also getting a UI refresh with changes to the main menu, as well as improved lobby creation, so players can now create public and private lobbies from the same screen, as well as decide the max player limit. Oh, and we'll soon be able to specify a preferred language selection so that players will know in advance what primary language each lobby is using.

Sunny Meadows is getting "lots of brand new assets" - including gross torture tools - and the team promises it's been keeping an eye on the new report system, too.

Did you catch Phasmophobia's egg-cellent Easter update in which players could hunt Easter eggs as well as ghosts?

Hotfix introduced "bug fixes and a weekend Easter event" but it wasn't just a meaningless holiday activity; collect all the eggs in every location - you could track how many you have beneath the map in the truck - and you'd restore each team members' sanity to 100 per cent, too. Here's hoping a similar holiday-themed event pops up over Christmas.