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Phasmophobia players want smaller maps

Fan poll suggests players are hoping for tighter, more claustrophobic places in future.

It looks like a lot of Phasmophobia players hope to see smaller maps in upcoming updates.

In a poll in the game's subreddit community and spotted by PCGN, players were invited to vote on the next map they would like to see join the Phasmophobia rotation. Options include a circus/carnival, mall/movie theatre, manufacturing plant, office park/corporate building, and a small town square.

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Whilst thousands of players have voted on their preference, some took to the comments to talk about the size those hypothetical maps could be, and posited that smaller maps were important, too.

"The really large maps are just a chore due to only three item carry," said one commenter, whilst another has a wishlist that includes "some more small/medium houses, perhaps a lighthouse, a hospital, or an old castle".

"I hate the bigger maps, as I think that they are impossible to play on. I just hope that they'll make some smaller maps again," opined someone else, with others in the thread calling for tighter environs like an apartment hallway or a small morgue.

The issues players have with the ghost hunting game's bigger maps are varied, but many suggested big maps are "boring", and that they're difficult because it's "such a pain in the ass to run and hide" from the phantoms when they strike.

Phasmophobia's most recent Steam update states that as the development team is "nearing our testing phase", "this will probably be the final preview before the Custom Difficulty update is released".

With the obligatory Work In Progress (WIP) notice and a warning that anything could change "drastically" before releasing, the team revealed that "every single setting that you can change in Custom Difficulty is tied to a reward multiplier".

"This means you could recreate Nightmare difficulty, and only change a couple of settings, to get similar rewards!" the update explains.

"We've tried to make every setting's multiplier fair, based on the advantage or disadvantage it may bring to your investigation. Do you want the ghost to be slower and the player to be faster? Sure thing, but you'll get fewer rewards! Fancy making the ghost a speed demon and disable player sprinting? Go for it! And you'll get extra rewards for doing so!"

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