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Hunt Easter eggs as well as ghosts in Phasmophobia for a limited time only

"Bug fixes and a weekend Easter Event!"

You can now hunt Easter eggs as well as ghosts in the latest Phasmophobia update.

Hotfix, which is available now, introduces "bug fixes and a weekend Easter event" with every location hiding "several Easter eggs to hunt and find".

But it's not just a meaningless holiday activity; collect all the eggs in every location - you can track how many you have beneath the map in the truck - and you'll restore each team members' sanity to 100 per cent, too.

The Easter event is live now and runs until 19th April.

There's also a new visual indicator for PC on the bottom left - and on your belt in VR - for when you're using toggle voice, and you'll find that the brightness of the CCTV night vision in the Prison has been improved. The hotfix also addresses a number of bugs, including one where a Ridgeview basement light didn't turn on and where a ghost couldn't interact with one of the paintings. For the full details, head on over to the Steam page.

Phasmophobia's latest big update launched last week, giving everyone's favourite jump-scare simulator a major VR overhaul and some much needed quality of life improvements.

In last week's episode of Ian's VR Corner - which you can watch above - you can see him put Phasmophobia's new and improved VR gameplay to the test as he tries out a trio of terrifying hunts.

As Ian reported at the time, along with support for all major headsets and various bug fixes, update v0.6.00 also makes playing in VR a much less clumsy experience than it was before.

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