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Phasmophobia gets reworked Asylum map, custom difficulty on 27th September

Plus mini campsite variant! Loadouts! More!

Just days after releasing an updated early access roadmap for Phasmophobia, developer Kinetic Games has announced the ghost hunting sim's next big patch - known as the Apocalypse Update - will be arriving on 27th September.

There's a lot going on in Phasmophobia's Apocalypse Update, starting with the arrival of the new Sunny Meadows Mental Institution map - an entirely reworked, more visually interesting, and, crucially, more compact version of the game's previously released Asylum map.

A recent poll suggested smaller maps were high on the list of players' wants, and - intentionally or otherwise - the Apocalypse Update seems to be delivering on that front. Not only is a smaller Sunny Meadows variant known as 'Restricted' included - offering "5 small maps in 1" - it also adds Camp Woodwind, a miniature variant of the Maple Lodge Campsite map.

Phasmophobia - Apocalypse Update Trailer.

You can get a good look at all three of those (or at least as good a look as the perpetual murk and barely adequate torchlight will allow) in the trailer above.

Elsewhere, the Apocalypse Update adds Phasmophobia's long-awaited Custom Difficulty options, equipment load outs, a new main menu and lobby room, a new shop, ghost adjustments, ID cards, collectables, a new fuse box, new interactables, a new report system, player stats, new sounds, and more.

Phasmophobia's Apocalypse Update launches on Tuesday, 27th September, at 12pm British Spooky Time.

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