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New Palworld trailer shows more of its jarring Pokémon-with-guns gameplay

Not very friendly.

A new trailer for the bizarre Pokémon-esque Palworld has been released, showing more of its gun battles against cute creatures.

Japanese studio Pocketpair is responsible for the multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game that sees Pals farming, working in factories, and being shot at.

The latest trailer, see below, shows the player and Pals double-teaming against enemy creatures.

Cover image for YouTube video

The vibrant open world looks stunning, with Pals being collected in coloured balls and put to work building structures.

But then the player character hunts down creatures with guns and bow and arrow, alongside elemental abilities from Pals.

It culminates in a boss battle against a creature called Anubis, which has the player dodge rolling and shooting to survive.

The Pokémon with guns vibe is certainly a jarring mix of gameplay and visual style.

Palworld still doesn't have a release date, but is due out sometime this year according to its Steam page.