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Palworld puts cute Pokémon-esque creatures on a factory assembly line

Be a pal.

A new trailer for forthcoming monster battler Palworld has been released, which looks as bizarre as ever.

From Japanese studio Pocketpair, the Pokémon-inspired game is a "multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game" according to the Steam page.

Your Poké... sorry, Pals, can fight, build, farm, and (pretty cruelly) work in factories.

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The latest trailer shows all this in action as you explore a bright, vibrant world and evolve the Pals into new forms, before grabbing a machine gun and mowing down enemies.

And that's before you put them to work in an endless factory assembly line until they faint. Harsh.

It's pretty good timing for the new trailer, with the release of Pokémon Arceus: Legends this week.

What's more, Nintendo has taken aim at a fan-made Pokémon FPS. If you're looking to shoot down cute creatures then Palworld should scratch that itch.

There'll be stiff competition in the world of monster collecting though, with TemTem on its way to PS5 and the forthcoming DokeV from Korean studio Pearl Abyss due at some point soon.

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