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Stranger of Paradise hair issue finally fixed two months after release

Square Enix mullet over.

Square Enix has finally fixed a performance issue with Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, two months after its release.

As reported back in March, hair and fur textures were tanking the frame rate when played on PC - sometimes as low as 8FPS. Modders have released fixes which make all characters bald in a bid to alleviate the issue.

Now an update has been released for the game, in which "models for hair and fur associated with important characters have been revised to improve performance."

The update notes also include a number of other changes.

Notably, a Battle Simulator mission has been included, allowing players to test out new jobs and equipment.

Across all versions, anti-aliasing algorithms have been adjusted to mitigate the occurrence of "jaggies".

There are also some adjustments to the Optimise Equipment settings, maximum inventory limits have increased, save cubes have been added to certain side quests, and bug fixes have been implemented.

You can read the full update notes here.

"Baffling writing aside, default story difficulty makes this the breeziest Soulslike ever, while combat still carries depth," we wrote in our Stranger of Paradise review.

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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

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