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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin introduces new jobs

By Odin's sword!

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is introducing brand new jobs to the series.

Lead character Jack is able to switch between a number of jobs (or classes) that alter his equipment and moveset and should cause some... chaos.

The final game has 27 different jobs to choose from, many of which are taken from previous titles in the series. However, some are brand new - three are shown in a new PlayStation Blog.

Cover image for YouTube videoStranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins Final Trailer

The Breaker job uses the Zantetsuken sword possessed by the summon Odin in previous games to one-shot kill enemies.

The Void Knight allows players to guard and use enemy magic attacks against them. Players can choose whether to turn absorbed magic into an attack or convert it to MP.

The Tyrant, meanwhile, uses spinning punches and kicks that can be imbued with elemental effects.

When selecting the jobs to include, the team wanted to pay homage to previous games as well as develop something new.

"Early on, we defined the weapons that we wanted to include in the game. Once that was complete, we worked backwards to define which jobs and actions we could add that would support those different weapon types," says game director Daisuke Inoue.

The team chose existing jobs and built on them in an action-oriented way. And while some aspects didn't translate across, "we tried to respect the spirit and techniques of the different jobs from the Final Fantasy universe".

Inoue continues: "The second way we approached jobs is where we started with a particular playstyle in mind, then looked for which job we could couple with the concept.

"For example, taking inspiration from the Odin Summon in previous Final Fantasy games, we came up with the idea of something that would let the player break and take out enemies in a single hit."

Balancing the 27 jobs has been a challenge, but allows players to choose their own playstyle.

"Interestingly, we did a survey across Team Ninja to see what their favourite was," says Inoue. "The most popular weapon was katana, and the associated jobs Samurai... and Ninja. Which is quite fitting for the team, really."

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin launches on 18th March across PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and PC (Epic). Check our preview of the game here.