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Stranger of Paradise is fourth lowest launch for a Final Fantasy spin-off in Japan

Chaos disappoints.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin sales have been disappointing in Japan.

As shown in a tweet by Game Data Library (that focuses on Japanese game sales data), this latest game in the series is the fourth lowest debut for a Final Fantasy spin-off.

The data is for physical sales in Japan only, but between both PS5 and PS4 the game sold 46,849 copies in its first week.

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Game Data Library also notes that Final Fantasy spin-offs on console have mostly died out in favour of mobile games.

That's partly why the game has been unable to reach the heights of the number one game on the list: Final Fantasy Tactics (641,073 copies sold at launch).

The sales are also poor compared to Team Ninja's previous NiOh games - Stranger of Paradise sold less than half the launch of either NiOh game.

In the UK, meanwhile, the game reached number eight in the physical charts. It was the highest new entry of the week, but sales were still low compared with others in the top 10.

Stranger of Paradise also launched on PC, but players have noted its poor performance due to hair and fur textures. One modder has even made every character bald to combat the shoddy framerate.

It's "a trashy Soulslike" according to our Stranger of Paradise Eurogamer review.

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