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Sony set to release two live service games before the end of this fiscal year

12 live service games expected by 2025.

Sony is set to release two more live service games before the end of this fiscal year, according to a new presentation from exec Jim Ryan.

That would take its current slate of live service games to three, following the release of MLB The Show 22 and its Diamond Dynasty mode.

What's more, by 2025 it's projected to release a total of 12 live service franchises (six by 2023 and ten by 2024).

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So what might those two games be? One likely candidate is Naughty Dog's The Last of Us multiplayer mode.

For the other, we previously speculated on what Sony is cooking up. Twisted Metal? Bungie's new project? Guerrilla's new multiplayer game?

Jim Ryan previously said he believes live service games will dominate the industry in the future.

It seems that Sony's purchase of Destiny developer Bungie is a key part of that.

In Ryan's presentation, he notes that Bungie will bring live services expertise to Sony and will help to build an SIE Live Services Centre of Excellence.

Live service games are a key way that Sony is expanding, diversifying and monetising its portfolio of franchises, he concluded.

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