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VideoTwisted Metal - first 15 minutes

Eurogamer wheels out David Jaffe's new car combat game.

Twisted Metal Review


VideoTwisted Metal trailer details weaponry

Vehicular combat crashes in 7th March.

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Twisted Metal will be sold by GAME this Friday, Sony confirms

Twisted Metal will be sold by GAME this Friday, Sony confirms

Fate of Yakuza, Bit.Trip, Konami games unknown.

PlayStation 3 exclusive Twisted Metal will be sold by GAME in the UK, Sony has confirmed.

"I can confirm Twisted Metal will be available to purchase in GAME this Friday," a Sony spokesperson told Eurogamer today.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's continued support of GAME Group, which will see Twisted Metal pre-orders honoured, follows last month's launch of PS Vita at GAME and Gamestation. Sony UK reportedly sold 61,000 unit sales as a result.

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Twisted Metal Review

Twisted Metal Review


The story of Twisted Metal is a lot like the game itself. A handful of psychopaths make a deal with devilish corporate overlord (and Professor Snape lookalike) Calypso to grant them their deepest wish if they win his gruesome tournament. Calypso only grants monkey-paw wishes though, and the contestants' desires always backfire on them in strange and unpredictable ways.

This reflects David Jaffe and Eat Sleep Play's goal of creating the ultimate multiplayer car combat game. In many ways they have, yet the final product is saddled with a steep learning curve, a questionable single-player campaign and a host of online connectivity errors. Be careful what you wish for.

Initially, the game feels inscrutable, with a control scheme that pushes the humble Dual Shock to it limits. The basics like throttle, brake and fire are sensible enough, but toss in options to cycle among weapons, drop mines, pull up a shield, launch an EMP blast, make a quick turn, boost, boost in reverse and shoot in reverse, and before you know it, seemingly simple actions like jumping and turbo-dashing are relegated to pushing two buttons at once or motion controls. It's a lot to take in.

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Twisted Metal Euro release date announced

Twisted Metal Euro release date announced

Not long to wait for delayed car combat revival.

PlayStation 3 fender bender Twisted Metal now launches in Europe on 7th March, co-creator David Jaffe has announced.

The Eat Sleep Play boss mentioned the new date in a post on his Twitter feed earlier today.

As detailed last week, the game's European launch had been pushed back from 14th February due to delays in localising the title.

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Twisted Metal delayed in Europe

Plus, SCEE censoring some cut scenes.

The European release of forthcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Twisted Metal has been delayed, according to co-creator David Jaffe.

Twisted Metal demo, day one patch confirmed

Twisted Metal demo, day one patch confirmed

Addresses key balance issues.

David Jaffe has confirmed plans to launch a Twisted Metal demo.

In a video blog, the outspoken Eat Sleep Play chief announced a day one patch for the PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Jaffe, who in the past has pulled no punches in expressing his disdain for patches, said the Twisted Metal day one patch is "very, very, very small".

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Twisted Metal UK release date

Twisted Metal UK release date

Copper load of this.

The UK release date of PS3 exclusive Twisted Metal is 17th February.

Sony confirmed the date with Eurogamer (following the MCV report) this afternoon.

Americans can play Twisted Metal from Valentine's Day, 14th February.

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Jaffe names Twisted Metal release date

Jaffe names Twisted Metal release date

February in Europe, Valentine's Day US.

Twisted Metal's outspoken director David Jaffe has announced the PlayStation 3 vehicular combat game will launch on Valentine's Day in the US.

The EU PlayStation blog has tweeted this also means a February release in Europe, although the exact day is to be confirmed.

"It's a very romantic game," Jaffe said, explaining the choice of date. "I predict people will come home from their romantic dinners, and play the crap out of local split-screen."

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Twisted Metal delayed until 2012

Jaffe: more "tuning and polish" needed.

PlayStation 3 car combat revival Twisted Metal has been pushed back from its planned October launch to "early 2012", Eat Sleep Play co-founder David Jaffe has announced.

Why Europe doesn't 'get' Twisted Metal

Jaffe: "Your WipeOut is our Twisted Metal."

While it's always done great business in the US, OTT PlayStation car combat franchise Twisted Metal has never quite replicated that success on European shores.

Jaffe calls "bullsh*t" on Iwata App fears

"You canít put a price on fun."

Outspoken Eat Sleep Play boss David Jaffe has challenged Satoru Iwata's fears over the rise of cheap mobile gaming, accusing Nintendo's president of "good old-fashioned irony" in his perceived criticisms of Apple.

Twisted Metal

Mettle detector.

"What is it you guys call me? What it is over there?" David Jaffe is racking his brain for a British slang term he gets labelled with in Eurogamer comments threads. "Wanker?" I suggest, recalling a similar conversation with Cliff Bleszinski about his online relationship with gamers.

Twisted Metal PS3 release date

PS3 exclusive Twisted Metal will be released on 4th October.

The date is stamped at the end of a new video posted by GameTrailers. We're shown a mash of gameplay footage and dark, stylised CGI sequences, all of which encapsulate the 'I don't care what you think', clown-painted vehicular violence of the game.

We're checking with Sony about which territories the release date refers to. The new date, 4th October, is a Tuesday, which is a US release day.

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Jaffe: Installs, updates

Jaffe: Installs, updates "annoy" gamers

Calls for internet game update limit.

Twisted Metal maker David Jaffe has hit out at current home console design, saying it takes too long to get to the fun.

Having to check for new downloadable content, software updates and cutscenes annoys gamers, Jaffe said during a Game Developers Conference panel yesterday reported by Eurogamer sister site

"Portable game time is going way up, but why? Those of us in the console space are actually making choices that push our customers away. The time it takes to power on your console and be in the game playing takes too damn long.

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Original Twisted Metal for PS3/PSP?

ESRB hints at PSone Classics release.

The original PlayStation version of Twisted Metal could be getting a re-release under the PSone Classics brand, according to an Entertainment Software Ratings Board listing.

Jaffe answers Twisted Metal concerns

Fans question handling of characters.

David Jaffe has addressed the worries of some Twisted Metal fans about the way characters are being handled in Twisted Metal, the forthcoming PS3 incarnation of his vehicular combat series.

Jaffe explains Twisted Metal decisions

"To us the vehicles are the characters."

Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe has explained the decision not to include unique driver and gunner models in the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive vehicle smash-em-up.

Twisted Metal

Blow up Dolls.

From one angle it seemed like an odd choice to end the Sony conference with: a series that has faded from relevance, that had its last major outing all of nine years ago with 2001's Twisted Metal Black on PS2, and which has absolutely none of the cultured cool or mass-market Hollywood sweep with which Sony in particular likes to associate itself. Guns and cars, rust and destruction: this is an absolutely unreconstructed videogame.

Twisted Metal for PS3 in 2011

New Nuke mode, 16-player online.

Sony has shown off the rumoured new Twisted Metal title for PlayStation 3 at its E3 conference and said it will be out in 2011.