Twisted Metal


Twisted Metal TV adaptation casts Anthony Mackie as John Doe

A "smart-ass milkman" with no memory of his past.

A new Twisted Metal game is reportedly in the works

To coincide with upcoming TV adaptation.

Twisted Metal's Sweet Tooth alternate endings revealed

Jaffe: This "will be the last Twisted Metal game made."

Twisted Metal dev Jaffe working on free-to-play shooter

"I hate free-to-play but I love aspects of it."

Twisted Metal unplayable online outside the US

David Jaffe to quiz Sony today.

UK Top 40: FIFA Street boots Mass Effect 3 off top spot

Twisted Metal turns up 12th, Yakuza fails to chart.

PlayStation Store arrives on Sony Xperia S smartphone

Download old PS1 games Ł3.99 a pop.

Twisted Metal will be sold by GAME this Friday, Sony confirms

Fate of Yakuza, Bit.Trip, Konami games unknown.

Video | Twisted Metal - first 15 minutes

Eurogamer wheels out David Jaffe's new car combat game.

Video | Twisted Metal trailer details weaponry

Vehicular combat crashes in 7th March.

David Jaffe "expected to leave" Twisted Metal developer Eat Sleep Play

Studio switches from console to iPhone, iPad development.

Twisted Metal Euro release date announced

Not long to wait for delayed car combat revival.

Twisted Metal delayed in Europe

Plus, SCEE censoring some cut scenes.

Twisted Metal demo, day one patch confirmed

Addresses key balance issues.

Video | Twisted Metal developer diary shows Sweet Tooth's truck

David Jaffe on set of upcoming Twisted Metal commercial.

Twisted Metal UK release date

Copper load of this.

ESRB: Twisted Metal has scissor face-stabbing

Mature age-rating has teensy spoilers.

Jaffe hopes to avoid Twisted Metal online pass

Talks sales hopes, delays and the Skyrim bug.

Jaffe names Twisted Metal release date

February in Europe, Valentine's Day US.

Twisted Metal delayed until 2012

Jaffe: more "tuning and polish" needed.

Sony hasn't asked for Twisted Metal Vita

Jaffe unsure if it's a "big Sony franchise".

Why Europe doesn't 'get' Twisted Metal

Jaffe: "Your WipeOut is our Twisted Metal."

Jaffe calls "bullsh*t" on Iwata App fears

"You can’t put a price on fun."

Twisted Metal

Mettle detector.

Twisted Metal began life as a PSN game

Sony marketing sparked Blu-ray release.

Jaffe: Installs, updates "annoy" gamers

Calls for internet game update limit.

Original Twisted Metal for PS3/PSP?

ESRB hints at PSone Classics release.

Jaffe: Games don't have to be art

Devs would rather be Bruckheimer.

Jaffe answers Twisted Metal concerns

Fans question handling of characters.

Jaffe explains Twisted Metal decisions

"To us the vehicles are the characters."

Jaffe "felt bad" about Twisted Metal fibs

But wanted "a genuine E3 surprise".

Twisted Metal avoiding Move, 3D

"Don't seem a great fit," says Jaffe.

Twisted Metal

Blow up Dolls.

Video | Twisted Metal at Sony's conference

Eat Sleep Play wake us all up.

Twisted Metal for PS3 in 2011

New Nuke mode, 16-player online.