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Twisted Metal TV show wraps filming and moves into post-production

"The cast and crew of Twisted Metal was something special."

Filming has now wrapped on the Twisted Metal TV show.

Set to star Will Arnett, Anthony Mackie, and Samoa Joe, the crew working on the live-action television series adapting destruction racer Twisted Metal had a wrap party over the weekend.

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"That’s a wrap on season one!" tweeted showrunner Michael Jonathan, who also wrote the fan-favourite Netflix show, Cobra Kai (via VGC).

"The cast and crew of Twisted Metal was something special," he added in a subsequent tweet. Even with lightning delays, extreme heat, and cars that wouldn’t do as they’re told, everyone worked as hard as they could to make sure Twisted Metal kicked as much as possible.

"The last day of shooting felt like the last day of camp, with lots of laughs, a few tears, and ice cream being handed out the back of Sweet Tooth’s truck. We all cannot wait for you to see this insane thing we spent our summer shooting. Now, to post[-production]!"

As Tom reminded us earlier in the week, PlayStation has a plethora of film and TV show adaptations in the works, with nearly all of its biggest franchises now slated to appear at some point. There's a Ghost of Tsushima movie in the works, as well as a Gran Turismo film and last weekend we heard Days Gone would also be getting a movie and Gravity Rush is also rumoured to be getting an adaptation, too.

We also got a brief first look at footage from HBO's upcoming The Last of Us TV series. And, of course, PlayStation already launched its Tom Holland-starring version of Uncharted.

We also learned this week that Umbrella Academy's executive producer is also developing Netflix's Horizon Zero Dawn show, while Netflix's all-new Resident Evil show has already been cancelled.

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