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Neve Campbell, Stephanie Beatriz star in Twisted Metal TV show's new trailer

Adaptation arrives later this month in US.

Homicidal clown Sweet Tooth stands against a blood-spattered wall with a machete over his shoulder, giving a thumbs-up.
Image credit: Peacock

We're just a couple of weeks away from the launch of Peacock's Twisted Metal television show, and, with the publicity machine now in full swing, we've been given our best look yet at the vehicular combat series' live-action adaptation, courtesy of a new two-minute trailer.

This isn't our first glimpse at the Twisted Metal TV series, of course; April offered a brisk introduction to Anthony Mackie's "motor-mouthed outsider" protagonist and the tiniest tease of iconic villain Sweet Tooth (voiced by Will Arnett and played by Samoa Joe), while June showed the pair exchanging quips and violence in a follow-up clip.

And now, with launch day in sight, Peacock has released a considerably more wide-ranging looking at the action fans can expect. There are cars! Guns! Cars being shot at with guns in a shopping mall! We get a peek at post-apocalyptic San Francisco, and the rather more gnarly post-apocalypse beyond the city's walls, plus a look at Neve Campbell as Raven and Thomas Haden Church in the role of Agent Stone.

Twisted Metal's latest official trailer (contains swears).Watch on YouTube

Additionally, Stephanie Beatriz makes a brief appearance in the trailer as Quiet, a "badass axe-wielding car thief" who'll accompany Mackie's character as he attempts to navigate the series' post-apocalyptic wasteland in an effort to deliver a mysterious package at the behest of Raven.

Peacock's Twisted Metal adaptation - which is written by Cobra Kai's Michael Jonathan Smith, who also serves as showrunner - will consist of ten 30-minute episodes. It launches in the US on 27th July, but we've yet to hear details of when it'll air internationally.

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