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Twisted Metal film gets Crank writer/director Brian Taylor

Sony Pictures' project firms up.

The Twisted Metal film apparently has a writer and director: Brian Taylor.

Taylor co-wrote and co-directed both delightfully bonkers Crank films and Gamer, a futuristic movie about a convict (Gerard Butler) being virtually controlled by a teenager in a Doom-inspired game show.

Taylor also co-directed the upcoming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance film, which opens in the UK this weekend.

Sony Pictures made a seven figure pre-emptive deal for Talor, Deadline reported.

This will be Taylor's first solo project as a writer and director - he usually partners with Mark Neveldine.

Can any game-film top this?

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance producers Avi and Ari Arad will work with Taylor on Twisted Metal. Avi Arad is a big shot - he's president and CEO of Marvel Studios. And both he and Ari are down to produce the Mass Effect and Uncharted films.

Like the Twisted Metal game, the film delves into the underground vehicular death-match arena run by Calypso, an enigmatic figure promising to grant the sole survivor any wish they want.

The iconic clown-faced maniac Sweet Tooth will feature, apparently, as will Doll Face, a sprightly young lady who wears a porcelain mask and drives a huge truck.

The long awaited Twisted Metal PS3 game hit US shops yesterday, but arrives here early March. So far it's pulling in decent scores.

The new Twisted Metal game.

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