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PlayStation classic Syphon Filter will have trophies on PS Plus

By Gabe!

Syphon Filter will have trophy support when it launches as part of the PS1 classics on PlayStation Plus next month.

As tweeted by Sony Bend Studio, the stealth game will include trophies - including a platinum. "Agency intel reports that Syphon Filter will include Trophies when it arrives on the all-new PlayStation Plus," it said.

It's unknown, however, if other classics will also have this feature.

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Bend Studio, after all, is a first party studio so it may be that Sony's games will have this feature while third parties may not.

Perhaps then we'll also see trophies for the likes of Ape Escape, but not Tekken 2?

Could trophies also be added to PS2 games?

And with Housemarque now a first party studio, could trophies be added to its PSP game Super Stardust Portable?

There remain plenty of questions about Sony's subscription service - we'll know more once it launches next month.

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