Syphon Filter

Syphon Filter 4 revealed for PS3?

Aims to "revolutionise" stealth gameplay.

Accidentally revealed PlayStation 3 game Syphon Filter 4 aims "revolutionise" stealth by using a brand new fancy-pants engine developed by Sony London.

PSN Roundup

PSN Roundup

PSone releases: Crash Team Racing, Everybody's Golf 2, Cool Boarders and two Syphon Filters.

So, we've been a bit slack in covering the PSone games that sporadically appear on the PlayStation Store. Sorry about that. In our defence, it's not like Sony has managed to build up much momentum with the European PSN offerings and also that business with the first batch of games being all broken meant we didn't dare download anything else in case our PS3 started shooting pins at our eyes from the USB port or something.

In the meantime, another ten titles from the 32-bit era have sashayed into the download chute, so to put things right here's the first of two apologetic catch-up roundups. All games are GBP 3.49 (or four and a bit Euros), which is less than it used to cost to buy the magazines you bought to read about these games in the first place.

Crash Team Racing

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