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Here's an hour of footage from Ravenholm: Arkane's cancelled Half-Life game

Decayed in time.

An hour of new footage of Arkane Lyon's cancelled Half-Life 2 spinoff, Ravenholm, has been released courtesy of Noclip.

The YouTube channel, best known for its long-form documentaries covering the development of numerous games, both released and unreleased, uploaded the new footage which it recorded during a 2020 visit to Arkane Lyon.

"This footage is being made public as part of Noclip's mission to document and preserve the history of video games," wrote Noclip in the description of the video.

Danny O'Dwyer, Noclip's host and editor, explained the footage shows a build was created towards the end of development to show Valve the progress Arkane had made.

While the gameplay does closely a finished product, O'Dwyer emphasises that the gameplay was not intended for public consumption and so a number of assets, voiceovers and story points were unfinished.

With that being said, it is a fascinating glimpse into Arkane's unique take on the Half-Life universe. Do check it out!

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