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Dead by Daylight anniversary content leaks early

Livestream reveal next week.

The next Dead by Daylight chapter, intended to coincide with the game's 6th anniversary, has leaked early.

Behaviour Interactive has a livestream planned for the 17th May where new content for the game will be revealed.

However, as posted up on Reddit, some of that content has allegedly leaked early. Spoilers follow.

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The new (24th) chapter will include a new killer called The Dredge and a new survivor: Indian psychic investigator Haddie Kaur.

Perks and abilities for both characters have also been revealed.

The Dredge has the ability to teleport to lockers where survivors may be hiding, as well as activating Nightfall that forces survivors to operate in total darkness.

Kaur, meanwhile, has perks to boost the blindness effect, to view the scratch marks of other survivors, and more.

Eurogamer has contacted Behaviour to confirm if this leaked information is accurate.

Recently the developer revealed the game's first openly LGBT+ character in new Archive story content.