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Doom creator John Romero is releasing a memoir

Life in First Person.

Doom creator John Romero is releasing a memoir.

Titled Doom Guy: Life in First Person, it promises to detail the career of "gaming's original rock star".

Romero himself describes it as "a positive story of gratitude for a life in games. Code and games changed the trajectory of my life. I cover everything in detail, including lessons learned."

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Romero not only created Doom, but Quake and Wolfenstein too, all games that pioneered the first person shooter genre.

As well as his career, the game will delve into his upbringing and family life, including his alcoholic father, racist grandfather who did not approve of his parents' mixed-race coupling, and grandmother who ran a brothel in Mexico.

The book will be released on 10th January 2023 and is available for pre-order now. Personalised, autographed copies are available to pre-order from Romero's online shop.

Recently, Romero released a new level for Doom 2 to raise money for humanitarian aid in Ukraine - it raised €25k.

A ray-tracing upgrade was also released for the original Doom - Digital Foundry were impressed.