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Doom designer creates new level to support Ukraine

UPDATE: over €25k raised

UPDATE 07/03/22: Doom designer John Romero has raised over €25k for Ukraine humanitarian efforts with his Doom 2 level.

Released last week, the One Humanity level is available for a donation of €5. All proceeds are heading to the Red Cross in Ukraine and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund, said Romero in a tweet.

ORIGINAL STORY 03/03/22: John Romero, co-founder of id software and designer of Doom, has released a new Doom 2 level in support of humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

The level is available on Romero's website for a donation of €5. All proceeds will go to the Red Cross and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund.

Named One Humanity, the level is the first designed by Romero since the game's original release in 1994.

To play the new level, players must have an original copy of Doom 2 and a modern source port.

Game developers in Ukraine have been speaking out in the face of the Russian invasion. The country's deputy prime minister has even called upon video game companies to stop supporting the Russian market.

Meanwhile various video game companies are raising money to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, like Unity, Ubisoft, CD Projekt Red, and THQ owner Embracer.

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