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CD Projekt Red joins efforts to support Ukraine by donating to humanitarian aid

"We cannot remain indifferent in the face of such injustice and we ask everybody to join in and help in any way you can."

Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher developer, CD Projekt Red, has revealed it is donating money to a Polish humanitarian organisation that is working directly with Ukrainian citizens affected and displaced by Russia's unprovoked attack on Ukraine.

"The recent invasion on Ukraine, our friends and neighbours, left us shocked and outraged," the company said by way of a statement shared via social media.

"In solidarity with all victims of this act of aggression, the CD Projekt Group has decided to support humanitarian aid efforts by donating 1 million PLN [​​around £181,500] to [the Poland-based humanitarian organization, Polska Akcja Humanitarna].

"We cannot remain indifferent in the face of such injustice and we ask everybody to join in and help in any way you can. Together we can make a huge difference!"

Polska Akcja Humanitarna itself is appealing for additional funds as it seeks to provide direct aid to people affected by the invasion.

It's just one of a number of initiatives set up by gaming companies in response to the humanitarian crisis. For instance, yesterday we reported that Ubisoft is reportedly providing its Ukrainian staff with alternate housing, additional funds to aid travel and relocation, and early salary payments.

The publisher/developer - which says the safety and wellbeing of its teams and their families are its "primary concern" - has two studios in Ukraine; one in capital Kyiv, the other in Odessa. Whilst earlier this week the company told Eurogamer it did not have "more details to share at this time", information is now emerging of a raft of measures it has enacted to help aid its employees.

Video game developers based in Ukraine have spoken out, amidst the ongoing invasion of their country by Russia. Ukraine is home to Stalker developer GSC Game World, The Sinking City and Sherlock Holmes studio Frogwares and Suvarium maker Vostok Games, among others. 11 Bit Studios, which developed This War of Mine, is donating all profits from its emotive game for the next week to support Ukrainians.

"Let this message resonate with everything you know about this war and how war kills people, devastates their lives and homes. Let us - players and developers together - do everything we can to support victims of war in Ukraine," the studio said.

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