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Warner Bros. is doing what Ninten-won't at Evo 2022

Get smashed, bro!

Warner Bros. is giving the people what they want and what Nintendon't anymore - it is hosting a MultiVersus brawler tournament at Evolution Championship Series 2022.

"[Warner Bros. Games] is hosting a 2v2 [MultiVersus] tournament at Evo 2022, with a top 32 team payout! Registration starts May 30, 2022," Evo tweeted. "The Closed Alpha runs from May 19 at 9 AM PDT to May 27 at 5 PM PDT."

Those looking to flex their muscles as Scooby Doo, Batman or Bugs Bunny and reign supreme as the brawler champion of 2022 can sign up now on the MultiVersus website.

MultiVersus – Official Cinematic Trailer - "You're with Me!"

Nintendo famously pulled out of Evo this year, despite its fighter Super Smash Bros. being a mainstay at the event for many years.

As Ed reported at the time, it's unclear exactly why Nintendo decided to pull out of the championship, but it may be related to the company's announcement last year it had partnered with Panda Global to create the first officially licensed circuit for Super Smash Bros. in North America.

Thankfully for many, the void has now been filled and we can all live to brawl another day.

Meanwhile, Eurogamer's Martin and Chris sat down to chat about MultiVersus earlier this week, calling it a "blend of Super Smash Bros. and IP law".

"It does more than enough to distinguish itself from Smash Bros. to make it worthwhile, and it does enough with the characters on offer to have some surprising depth," Martin said.

"I can't imagine sticking with it for too long, but the very fact I'm up for playing it again is surely a good sign."

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