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How to get The Title in Destiny 2, The Title god roll recommendation

How to farm the Guardian Games 2022 SMG.

Destiny 2's The Title is an event-specific weapon available for a limited time.

Introduced in Guardian Games 2022, The Title SMG is a possible drop and guaranteed quest reward.

If you're on the lookout for a new SMG in Destiny 2, with the right roll, The Title is well worth competing for.

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The Title farm: How to get The Title in Destiny 2

The Title is available exclusively during Guardian Games, debuting in 2022.

The limited time event offers a great chance to obtain this weapon fairly easily, although it will require some more of your time to get the god roll.

You can obtain one guaranteed by completing the Best in Class quest, which is given to you at the start of the event from Eva Levante in the Tower, and should take you less than an hour to complete.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022 - The Title reward

To get further rolls of The Title, you must hand in medallions at the Guardian Games podium, where you will have a chance it will drop as a reward.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022 - Podium

At launch, an assumed bug was stopping this from happening - but on the second day of the event onwards, The Title is part of the loot pool for any medallions that are deposited:

Finally, know The Title is not able to be crafted. This is likely because it's an event-specific weapon - and so developer Bungie wants to encourage players to participate in the event.

How to farm The Title in Destiny 2

The higher the medallion quality (such as Gold or Platinum) the higher chance you will have for The Title to drop.

In short, the best way to farm the Title is to earn higher quality medals from Contender Cards (bought using Laurels, which you can get faster by focusing on the Daily Focus playlist) but since it can drop at all levels, then completing any matchmade activities (which will grant a medallion upon completion) is also advised.

Since Platinum medals require you to play raids and Nightfalls - which are longer, more difficult activities - the best balance we can recommend for farming The Title is going for the Crucible Contender Cards - which are cheaper on Laurels and give you a Gold medallion as a reward - and that, combined with the medals you get for activity completions (with the Crucible being the fastest to complete) is the best all round solution.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022 - Contender Cards Crucible

The Title rolls list

The Title will have the same Origin Trait across all rolls - which is Classy Contender (final blows grant class ability energy). Beyond that, the possible perks are as follows:

BarrelMagPerk 1Perk 2
Arrowhead BrakeAlloy MagazineDynamic Sway ReductionFocused Fury
Chambered CompensatorAppended MagazineGrave RobberMoving Target
Corkscrew RiflingArmor-Piercing RoundsHip-Fire GripOne for All
Extended BarrelExtended MagPerpetual MotionSurrounded
Fluted BarrelFlared MagwellStats for AllSwashbuckler
Full BoreHigh-Caliber RoundsSteady HandsTurnabout
Hammer-Forged RiflingLight MagThreat DectectorVorpal Weapon
Polygonal RiflingRicochet Rounds

Thanks to destinytrack on Twitter for the above list.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

The Title god roll

Out of the above, our recommended The Title god roll is Stats for All and One for All for PvE.

Both activate when you damage three separate enemies within three seconds, giving you increased weapon handling, stablity, reload and range (Stats for All) and increased damage (One for All) for a short duration.

These are two perks that go hand-in-hand, and are particularly useful due to SMGs being best used to clear groups of enemies.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022 - The Title

Two other recommendations that work somewhat similarly are Surrounded and Threat Detector - which grant temporary buffs when enemies are close by (increase damage and increased reload, stability and handling respectively).

This gives you similar buffs without firing, essentially, and though you could argue SMGs need to be used up close, the 'for All' perks aren't much more effort to activate and give you some stronger buffs.