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PUBG's 17.2 update is now live - here's what's changed

"The Spotter Scope continued to show overly strong performance, causing more stress to our players."

PUBG's 17.2 update is now available on PC and mobile, bringing the 1v1 Arena to Training Mode, as well as updates to the Spotter Scope and balance changes to 5.56 Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) and the Mortar.

"The Spotter Scope and its automatic features of marking and following enemies continued to show overly strong performance, causing more stress than enjoyable experiences to our players," Krafton explains. "Therefore, the enemy detection range has been reduced from 1000m to 600m and the white passive marker will not appear automatically in ADS mode."

PUBG's patch report #17.2.

As for the 1v1 Arena mode? That's now available in Training Mode and welcomes "all types of combat practice in a suspenseful 1v1 setting", as well as curious spectators, too.

Other fixes include the Inventory System error that occurs when you participate in the 1v1 Arena twice in a row, a message that would not disappear as you get ready/cancel ready after selecting a Team Emote at the main lobby, and the Survivor Pass upgrade window that pops up when you open the Premium Supply Pack #2. A more "flexible system" for map services is hinted to be on the way, too.

For all the details, head on over to the official website.

PUGB - the original, and now free-to-play, battle royale - recently unveiled its 2022 roadmap. Though succinct, the roadmap divides its plans into the categories "world", "ingame", and "outgame".

That said, the team's keen for you to know that "everything [we've shared] along with any mentioned timelines are all subject to change" as "game development can be a finicky thing and priorities can change based on issues that arise and feedback". Oh, and it's still keeping back a surprise or two, too.

ICYMI, Battle royale behemoth PUBG has relaunched in free-to-play form and is now free to download across PC and consoles now. New players start out with a free basic account, which has access to most in-game content but not all, as you'll have to upgrade to Battlegrounds Plus to unlock the premium stuff.

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