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Here's what's coming to PUBG in 2022

"Ours is a partnership we feel truly grateful to have and we'll continue to take in your feedback."

PUGB - the original, and now free-to-play, battle royale - has unveiled its 2022 roadmap.

That said, the team's keen for you to know that "everything we're sharing today along with any mentioned timelines are all subject to change" as "game development can be a finicky thing and priorities can change based on issues that arise and feedback". Oh, and it's still keeping back a surprise or two, too.

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As for what's coming up? Though succinct, the roadmap divides its plans into the categories "world", "ingame", and "outgame". In the next few weeks, we should get a Sanhok rollback - it's coming back "in its original form" - weapon balancing, and unspecified quality of life improvements that "reduce inconvenience without affecting core gameplay". There's a new gun, too - the new 7.62mm assault rifle that has a lower DPS than other ARs but is easier to control.

Next quarter - July through to September, roughly - should see the release of new map Kiki, more weapon balancing, and "weapon mastery overhaul, customisation improvement, and BP income balancing. And then the last quarter of 2022 sees Vikendi "reborn" and a Kiki update. We'll also get an overhaul of the arcade mode, improvements to the shop, an unspecified "new social feature", and shop gifting, which is the feature I'm probably most excited about.

"A very happy 5th Anniversary to you all!" the post adds. "We're both excited and humbled to ring in this milestone, even though we can hardly believe it has been that long already!

"Through the years, you all have stood with us as a constant reminder of how fortunate we have been in our successes but also a humbling reminder that there is always work to do. Many companies say it, but we hope you believe us when we say we're truly in this together.

"Your joys, triumphs, milestones, and of course, your feedback, are revered throughout our studios and fuel us to keep moving forward. Sometimes we hit it out of the park and share in your celebrations. Sometimes we stumble and have to adjust and reassess our plans. Ours is a partnership we feel truly grateful to have and we'll continue to take in your feedback, adjust, and improve as we take on the next 5 years together."

ICYMI, Battle royale behemoth PUBG has relaunched in free-to-play form and is now free to download across PC and consoles now.

It's worth noting new players start out with a free basic account, which has access to most in-game content but not all, as you'll have to upgrade to Battlegrounds Plus to unlock the premium stuff.