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Dragon Age contractors now won't be ordered back to office

Union efforts still ongoing.

A group of game testers working on the upcoming Dragon Age game are no longer being ordered back to work in BioWare's offices.

The group, part of contracted game services company Keywords Studios, were recently told they would need to begin working in BioWare's offices full-time from this week. This sparked calls of unfairness from Keywords staff, who compared their lot to BioWare's own staff - who are allowed a hybrid work from home option.

Keywords workers have now been told they can continue to work from home "until further notice", The Verge reported.

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Staff at the contractor had previously said they would now seek unionisation, in a bid for improved worker protections such as paid sick leave, including when testing positive for Covid. According to today's report, that unionisation bid is still ongoing, and will involve all Keywords Studios employees.

Eurogamer has contacted Keywords and Dragon Age publisher EA for more information.

The next Dragon Age is in development at BioWare, but lacks a formal release date and is not expected to launch this year.

Back in February, BioWare described the next Dragon Age as being "right in the middle" of its production phase and said development was continuing smoothly despite several high-profile departures.

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