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Gran Turismo 7 gets its most modern racer yet as World Series kicks off

Gazoo kid.

June is almost upon us, and for motorsport fans thoughts are turning to some public roads in the centre of France that will soon be closed off for the greatest race of them all. It's Le Mans month! And what better way to whet your appetite than by taking to the wheel of the winner of last year's race, Toyota's GR010 hypercar which today makes its video game debut in Gran Turismo 7 thanks to its latest update.

Oh, there are some other cars too - namely a new GT Vision Suzuki and an outrageous beefed up Camaro going under the Roadster Shop Rampage name. They come alongside some new Scapes in New Orleans to snap your cars - and once you're done admiring the new cars you can take part in the Gran Turismo World Series which is kicking off in Gran Turismo 7 this weekend, with the preliminary rounds open to all-comers taking place on 27th May and 28th May.

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The World Series grand finale will be returning to a real life event in Monte Carlo this November - a fitting backdrop for what's become one of the glitziest online racing competitions in recent years, and one that's delivered some decent action too.

Gran Turismo 7 came out in March this year, suffering a self-inflicted rough launch thanks to its always-online campaign and some dodgy microtransactions. This latest free update helps get it back on track - and a contemporary Toyota Hyper Car to play with ahead of the big race at Le Mans will always go down well.

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