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Visit post-apocalyptic London with this Fallout 4 mod

Going underground.

Today brings a look at gameplay for Fallout: London, the upcoming Fallout 4 PC mod that lets you explore the UK's post-apocalyptic capital.

It's planned to be about the size of the base game's Commonwealth map, making this a hugely ambitious piece of DLC.

"The mod encapsulates the gritty, adventurous nature of the Fallout games with a new world, factions, storylines, NPCs, weapons, creatures, and much more! This all comes together in a package tied with a uniquely British bow," reads the press release.

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As the above new gameplay trailer shows, Fallout: London sits apart from the rest of the series. The Forced Evolutionary Virus that ravaged America hasn't reached the UK, which means no Super Mutants or Deathclaws. There's no Vault-Tec either.

Instead there's a new threat, which you - as the new Wayfarer character - must endure.

It does, however, still involve character creation, the SPECIAL system, and perks, as well as other series staples like scientific experiments gone wrong and various factions to join.

Except now you'll be punching radshrews on the London Underground.

It's all looking incredibly polished. There's no release date yet, but the development team promise it will be "announced to the public in the not too distant future".

As for Bethesda, Fallout 5 is still a long way off and its next release, Starfield, was recently delayed into next year.

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