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Pac-Man now has a theme song to celebrate his 42nd anniversary

Wakka wakka eh eh.

Pac-Man is celebrating his 42nd anniversary of wakka-wakka-ing his way through mazes eating pellets and ghosts.

To celebrate, a colourful, psychedelic music video has been released for a new theme song: "We are PAC-MAN!" It's sung by Kaho Kidoguchi in Japanese and English, and Ann Una in Chinese.

"The song aims at promoting people cooperating and connecting together to live a healthy lifestyle," reads a press release. You can watch the video below.

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Then, on Friday 27th May, Pac-Man Museum+ will be released. It features 14 different classic and modern Pac-Man games and will be available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation and Xbox (including Game Pass).

Players will be able to decorate their virtual arcade with memorabilia.

Further, as reported earlier, Pac-Man themed cosmetics will be available in Fortnite from 2nd June.

At the least, the music video should distract from the ongoing dispute over the rights to Ms. Pac-Man. In Bandai Namco's Arcade Archives: Pac-Land game she's been transformed into Pac-Mom instead.

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