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Pac-Man is coming to Fortnite

Gobbled up.

Fortnite's latest collaborative cross-over is going to be with none other than 80's icon Pac-Man.

An announcement on the Japanese Pac-Man website says that the collaboration between Fortnite and Pac-Man will start from 2nd June.

Fortnite No Build gameplay trailer.

From then, players will be able to purchase items with a 'Pac-Man' motif. So, perhaps we won't be seeing entire Pac-Man skins gobbling their way through Fortnite's map next month, but time will tell.

However, please note that, at the time of writing, Epic has not reacted to this recent post from the Pac-Man site, so things may be subject to change.

Fortnite has seen a huge range of crossovers in the years since its release. Most recently, Obi Wan Kenobi and Robocop have joined the fray.

For those yet to test their metal in Epic's battle-royale, Fortnite is available for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, Android, Xbox Cloud Gaming and PC.

Finally, for those that have already joined in the battle, but need a little help getting things such as this season's special skin (The Prowler), check out Eurogamer's extensive guides for the game.

Before you go, this joke made me laugh, so here is a little bonus humour for your Monday morning...

Why doesn't Pac-Man use Twitter?

He doesn't like being followed.

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