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Modern Warfare 2 artwork hints that Call of Duty may be coming back to Steam

A quick switcheroo wasn't quick enough for Reddit.

Artwork for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - yes, the new one - has popped up on Steam.

The discovery has fans speculating - and hoping - that this may mean that, after a seven year absence, Activision is moving away from battle.net exclusivity on PC and bringing its first-person shooter back to Valve's PC client, Steam.

As spotted by u/Kalinine and posted to Reddit, the Modern Warfare 2 Ghost artwork "show[ed] up on Steam". When pushed for clarification, the user added: "it shows up at the bottom of the DLC page for some Call of duty games like Black Ops 3".

Shortly thereafter, however, the image was pulled and replaced with a blank one… which only further fans the flames of speculation, of course. Thankfully, they took a screenshot before the images were swapped.

Developer Infinity Ward's next instalment in the long-running Call of Duty series, which was previously confirmed to be near-future sequel Modern Warfare 2 (not to be confused with the 2009 game of the same name), will launch on 28th October. As Matt confirmed for us at the time, platforms have yet to be detailed. Specifics remain extremely light, but the gameplay-free trailer accompanying Activision Blizzard's announcement does include a description revealing a smidgeon more of what's in store.

Activision Blizzard formally revealed Modern Warfare 2 and its logo in April - after months of rumours and even an official pre-announcement announcement in February.

Alongside the October launch of Modern Warfare 2 - which Activision Blizzard will be hoping helps boost flagging Call of Duty sales - a follow-up to battle royale spin-off Warzone, promising "groundbreaking innovations", is also due to be revealed later this year.

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