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500,000 people have already tried vampire survival game V Rising

UPDATE: Steam success builds to 1m players.

UPDATE 25/5/22: A million players have now risen up to play vampire survival success story V Rising - meaning the early access game has added a further 500,000 players in the past five days.

In just over a week, the game has blown up on Steam - see our earlier story below - and become one of its most-played titles.

A new patch released today added LAN Mode, allowing you to play V Rising solo or with friends on the same network without an internet connection.

ORIGINAL STORY 21/5/22: Half a million people have signed up to play vampiric survival game V Rising in just three days.

"It's official! 500,000 Vampires out there have stepped foot into Vardoran! Thank you all for joining us on this journey!" the developer tweeted yesterday.

Although only available as an early access release for now, the newly-released open-world game has already clocked up a concurrent Steam peak of over 100,000 players - 101,036 to be precise - making it one of the most-played games on Steam right now.

At the time of writing, its concurrent count is besting stiff competition from games like Elden Ring, Team Fortress 2, and even FIFA 22.

V Rising - Early Access launch trailer.

"Early Access allows you to enjoy V Rising's gothic world while participating in the game's development," development team Stunlock Studios says about its decision to release in early access first.

"We look forward to hearing your opinion and how you like the mix of survival open-world experiences combined with our studio’s signature gameplay. Working directly with our players and implementing your feedback will help us create the best Vampire Survival Game possible. By supporting us, you will play a crucial part in the development of V Rising. Together we can achieve more."

It's expected that V Rising will remain in Early Access for around 12 months, and the "price [will] increase after" that.

"Our focus is to ensure the best experience possible," the team explained. "It is difficult to say precisely how long it will take to process player feedback and further develop the game accordingly. That said, our goal is to finalise the game and leave Early Access within 12 months."

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