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V Rising's next free expansion, Secrets of Gloomrot, will release next month

What's rot to like?

V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot
Image credit: Stunlock Studios

V Rising's next expansion, Secrets of Gloomrot, is set to drop on 17th May.

The update will be available for free for the three million copies of V Rising that have been sold since it was released in Early Access a year ago.

V Rising - Secrets Of Gloomrot Cinematic Reveal.Watch on YouTube

"The update lets players explore Gloomrot, a new biome with two unique areas twisted in the pursuit of cruel science," Stunlock Studios teases. "Hunt the blood of the brilliantly insane to harness the power of lightning and enter a new age of technology."

And the "developers don’t stop there", adds a new press release. The castle building will be "dramatically improved" – "allowing multiple floor constructions, claiming castle territories, and adding more ways to customise your domain" – whilst combat will also be improved to add in a bigger selection of weapon types, a new spell school, and the ability for players to "modify their spells to their liking with the jewel system".

Players can also expect a revamped world of Vardoran, with more places to visit, improved graphics, new items, and new enemy types, too.

"There will also be a total of 13 additional bosses to hunt down to obtain fresh dark knowledge," the team teases.

"V Rising is all the rage right now and if you spend half an hour with it, it's not hard to see why," Bertie wrote in his fabulous feature, V Rising is delicious but best consumed with friends.

"It's such an appealing idea it hits like Dungeon Keeper did all those years ago. Be the baddie! Okay yes please! Or in this case, specifically: be a vampire reawakened after many years to find the land they once dominated taken from them by snivelling humans, and now you're going to take it back."

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